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At A Child's Grave

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-A little chikl o ucut v. ijiiiiti o, nuitUUlCUUI UlpiJ L11H1 iaf was buried in a Washington cemetery the other day in the niidst of a driviug rain. Among the few niourners gathered around the little grave was Col. Ingersoll, afriend of the family, aud at the request of the parenis he spoke a few words before the oasket was lowered. He spoke as fol1 lows: "No man standing where the horizon of a life has touched a grave has any right to prophesy a future íilled Tfitu pain and tears. It may be that death gives all there is of worth to life. If those who press and strain against our hearts could never die, peruaps that love would wither from the earth. Maybe common faith treads from out the path between our hearts the weeds of sclrish nabs and hate, and I should rather liv and love where death is kiug than hav eternal life where love is not. Anothe life is naugut uiiless we know and lov again the ones who love us here. The' who stand with breaking hearts arounc this little grave need have no fear. Tb large and the noble faith in all that ib and is to be, tells us tuat death even a ita worst is ouly perfect rest. We know that through the common walks of lif - the needs and duties of each hour - tfieir grief will lessen day by day, un til at last this grave will be to them place of rest and peace - almost of ioy There is lor them thi consolation: Th dead do not suffer. If they live again tueir lives will be surtly as good as ours We have no fear; we are all children o the sunia mother, and the same fat awaits us all. We too have our religio and it is this: Help for the living, hop for the dead." I Furnishinjï reprcsentative8 to wear ilaw-hammer coats at royal receptions, osts republican America about two millons a year. At Helena, Montana, the other day, a octor made $437.50 in one day, by vacInating persona at $2.50 each. " ít's an 1 wind," etc. The Oíd Testament will not be reviaed br three years yet. People will have to freak the ten commamlmeiiU as they are, or the present. Nothing is made ia vain. It is true hat Colfax is a failure as a politician and ecturer, bat he has never been tested as a judge in a baby show.


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