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New fortification bilí calle lor an appropnatioa of f525,000. Gen. John C. Fremoat presided at a meeting of California pioneers, held in New York on thelSth. tien. Grant maáe a speech. New York will make very stringent rules for the construction and management of theatres, looking towards better protection against fires. Wm. H. English or Indiana, is made defendant in a suit brought by one Wm. D. Murphy, who delivered campaign speeches in 1880, but liasn't received the pay which Ênglish promised him. Property owned by English in New York city has been attached on plaintifi's application. A fire in Hellard & Sterret's foundry, Pitts burg, resulted in $65,000 damage. A fire in the coal mine Jeanesville. Pa., results in f200,000 damage. Ex-Governor Bullock, of Massachusetts, dropped dead on the sidewalk in Woriieeter, Mass., on the 17th. Apoplexy was the cause. The General Aesembly of Virginia are thinking of abandoning Ricbmond on account of the email pox scare. At Mankato, Minn., the Opera House burned with but very email insurance. A petrified hog has been found in a clay baak in Schoharic county, N. Y. The house waj e and means committee have been addressed by representativo manufacturera in favor of a protective tariff and the appointment of a tarifl commission Papers pertaining to the lapsing of the Northern Pacific railroad land grant are in the hands of the senate judiciary committee. It is a question whether certificates ou wbich lande were taken were issued legally. " . A bilí has been introduced for the admiseion of Washington Temtory as a state. John Boach & Co., the steamsuip builders of Pbiladelphia are endeavoring to secure subsidies in the intereets of ship-building. A fire at Belleplaine, Ia., resulted in fti6,000 damage. A. W. Bartlett & Co., of Atchinson, Kansas, shoe dealers, saspend with 860,000 liabilitles. It has been ascertained that two of the inmates of the asylum for imbeicles at Columbun, O., fired the building in November last. The Adirondack Railroad Conipany has ordered fire axss, crowbars aud sawa for use on the company's cars in caee of accident. Beal estáte sales in Chicago for the last week amounted to f 1,151,981. Oable cars are now running Buecessfully in Chicago. The attempt to awaken an interest iu the World'B Fair at Boston has failed. The enterpriae is indefinitely postponed. The Cumberland is reportad higher than ever known before. Great damage ñas already resulted to cities on its banks. Col. R P. Morgan, aged 92 years has just died. He made the preliininary survey Tor the New York & Albany and the Hudson river railroad. The senate pension committee has agreed to repert the bilí giving Mrs. Lincoln $15,000 in lieu of arrears, and an inorease of pension trom f2,000 to $5,000 per annuin. Fire at Atlanta, Georgia, destroyed Beven bus iness honses with stocks of candies, crackers, tobáceo, general groceries, liquor and paper bags, the total estimated loas being $500,000. Siemens-Anderson steel works and stock at Pitteburg are being sold by the sheriff. Eleven thousaud tons of ice were sold in Bangor, Me., to New York parties recently, a $1 25 per ton, deliverable in July. The U. S. board of health declare small pox epidemie in this country. it ie stated that the purchase by tbe Standard oU company of two rivals doing business near Buffalo, for f 300,000, eads opposition to the great Corporation of that section. A railroad accident on the Pennsylvania road at Mineral Poiut, 70 miles east of Pittsburg, injured four meu. It is generally thoutht S. P. Rounds of Chicago, will be the successiul caudidate for public printer. The whotesale notion and dry goods store of Havens & Ueddes, Terre Haute, Ind., was de. stroyed by fire with loss to insurauce compauies of $40,000. A case of small pox at Ainherst college bas created a panic there. The Catholic clergy of the diocese of Httsburg,;Pa., announce thatthey will refuse priestly absolation to membert of tbe Fecret benevoleut order of Knigbts of Labor. A delegation of prominent citizeus of Lkota are in Washiügton to preseut the sentimeuts of their fellow citizens relativo to tbe aduiission of the Territoiy as a State. Citizeus of utah are in Washington endeavoring to secure a f orm of Government for that Territory something similar to tbat of the DisI trict of Columbif. A fire in the C. B.&Q. railroad shops at Aurora, 111., resultad in 60,000 damage. A Y14,000 directors' car, a $10,000 dining car, two smokers. a wrecker and several coaches were burned. The origin of the fire was supposed to be incediary. There was uo insurance. The Seiiate have passet! the bill for the relief of the widow of President Lincoln, giviug her f15,000 cash and increasing her pension from f 8,000 per year to $5,000 per year.


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