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The Secret Of Genius

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"Tliey talk," said Torn Marshall to an intímate friend, "of my astonishing burst of eloquence, and doubtless imagine it is my genius bubbling over. It is nothing of the sort. I'll teil you how I do it: "I select a subject, and study it from the ground up. When I have mastered it fully, I write a speech on it. Then [ take a walk, and come back, and revise and correct. In a few days I subject it to another pruning, and then recopy it. Next I add the ünishing touches, round it off with graceful periods, and eommit it to memory. Then I speak it in the flelds, in my father's lawn, and before my mirror, until gesture and delivery are perfect. It sometimes takes me six weeks or two months to get up a speech. When I have one prepared, I come to town. I generally select a Court day, when there is sure to be a crowd, I am called on for a speech, and am permitted to select my own subject. I speak my piece. It astonishes the people, aa I intended it sbould, and they go away, marvelling at my power of oratory. They cali it genius, but it is the hardest kind of work."


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