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February Weather

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The ice men will have to work sharp to secure a harvest. February will be a rnonth long to be remembered, on account of its frequent and heavy snow storrns and sudden rails of temperature. More snow will fall during that month than has fallen for the past two years combined. It will enter warm andslushytill the 5th when it will change suddenly. Snow storms will occur about the 5th, 8th lOth, I6th, 23d and 27th. Rain will fall on the 3d, llth, 18th and 24th. The average temperature will be lower than during the previous month. The winds will be very light from northwest, shifting suddenly to northeast. rhe ladies would do well to take a few inches off of the rims of their hats or they will need an extra pair of hands larties having goods to ship West shouldhurrythemoff bef ore the snow blockade sets in. Rubber boots will be in great demand. There will not be mucli skating on account of frequent siorms. Snows vill increase in the Ohio Valley, and the heavy rains will move to the South Atlantic States, and the temperature in that direction will be unusually high, and the prevailing winds will be from southeast. In the Eastern States the prevailing wind will be from the north, with very cold weather and heavy snows. 3 In Canada the weather will be very 1 severe, and the temperatura will be 3 lower than it has been for many years r and railroad traffie will be nearly susl pended. The coal dealers should hasten i the transportation of coal without dei lay. i All heavy gales will be preceded 48 ■ hours by northern lights, and, if the [ bright rays drift from east to west, the . gale will benortheast ; but ii they drift , from west to east, the gale wil! be from northwest. The weather will be unusually stormy throughout the country, except in Colorado where it will be very cold. The temperature will be unusually high in the Gulf States, with heavy south winds. The following short rules may be of value to many if they will observe them : First, when the wind shif ts from west to north, and from north to east, it will rain in less than 48 hours, no matter how cold it may be. Second, when the wind shifts from west to south and from south to east. there will be a snow storm, and although it may be warm, the temperature will suddenly fall. A. J. DeVok, Meteorologist. IIackensack, Jan. 24.


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