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Real Estate Transfers

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ïneroliowing are the transfers of rea] estáte for the week enUing Wednesday, February 7th : WAIUIANTY DEEDS. Chas. Peách to Robt. L and Su?an Speechley, land in Arm Arbor town, $300. Hack & Schmid to Jacob Lu(z, 85 acres sec 22 -Saline, $4,300. Geo. K. Johnson to Augustus Bond, land n sec 32 Pittefleld, $5,500. Augustus Bond to Geo. R. Johnson 180 acres sec 21 Saline, $11,000. Jno. C. Taylor to Mary E. Stone, property in Chelsea, $600. Jno. M. Setts to Charles E. Setts, 70 acres sec 1 and 12 Sylvan, $5,500. C. Weitbrecht to Frederick Haussler, property in Ann Arbor, $5,000. Jno. Brooks to Albert Kalkloesch, 40 acres sec 25 Bridgewater, $775. Albert Hayes to Addison Fletcher, lot in Ypsilanti, $750, Henry Doody to Joseph H. Bowler, 80 acres sec 22 Dexter, $3,550, Jno. Yauson to Henry Van Voorheis, 160 acres sec 31 Salem, $550. ju. -nne to íray ü-ratt, 40 acres seo 22 Frecdom $400. Henry C. Goodtle to Thos. Boalwright 45 acres ec 26 Superior, $2,475. Peter Guiñan to Thomas C. GuiDan, 80 acres sec 9, Dexter, $1,600. Ralph C. Whiting to Monroe E. Swart out, property in Ann Arbor, $1,200 Walter E. Campbell to Albert W. Hardy, 20 acres &ec 35 Augusta, $500. Phebe A. KrIsrv nf. ni t Míiím n Hobbs, land in York, $600. Comstock P. Hill (guardián) to Geo. F. Kash, 40 acres sec 32 Lodi, $2,000. Jas. M Kelsey to M. G. Hobbs, land in York, $100. Geo. W. Brown to Jacob Vanderwer40 acres sec 16 Augusta, $725. Jno. Faulkner to Hugh Faulkner, 40 acres se? 5 Sharon, $100. Jas. P. Wood to E. P. Downer n w fractional quarter sec 32, Lyndon $1 - 450. Clias. E. and Caroline Everest to Chas. K. Wead, lots 5 and 6 b 6 s Huron street Anu Arbor, $2,000. J. J. Ellis to Ansel Morgan, 80 acres sec 8 York, $4,500. Jno. Falconer to Wm. Campbell, s e 1-2 lot 4 and the n w 1-2 lot 5 b 8 Brown &Fuller'sadd Ann Arbor, $1,100. E. C. Fish to Chas. Fish, 118 acres sec 8 and 10 Sharon, $7,000. Chas. Fish to E. C . Fish, 40 acres sec 10 Sharon, $2,40(). qUIT-CLAIM DK5DS. Hester A. Sloatet al to Laura Sherwood property in Manchester village, $600.