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The Tolu, Rock And Rye Co.

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rs Use Lawrence & Martin's _Sk gKSSBH ForCOUCHS, COLDS, SORE THROAT, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, PNEUMONÍA, CONSUMPTION, Diseases of THROAT, CHEST AND LUNGS. n M 1 Á ■ ■ 1% A Va "S" #% I BI Has nhvavs been one of the most Important U 1 I1 A RH 1 weapons wielded by the MEDICAL FACULTY ■ ■UI A U IV! Ir I iieainsttlierncroaclmientsoiCOUGHS.COLDS, UnLUnill UI I UI-U BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, SORE THROAT CONSUMPTION in lts incipient and advanoed stages, and all diseases of the THKOAT, CHEST and LUNGS, but it has never been so adYantageously oompounded aa in the TOLU, KÖCK and IÍYE. Itssootbing Balsamlc proporties afforda diffusive stiniulant and tonlc to build up tha lystem after tüe cough has been relieved. Quart size bottles, I'riee 81.00. All T I KI T Do not be deoeived by dealers who try to palm off Koek and Rye V-f U I I VN ! in place of nr TO1.U, KOCK AND KYE, which is the ONLY MEDICATED article- the trenuine lias a Private Die Proprletary Stamp on each bottle, whieb permits it to be Sold by Dmg-jsts, (meers and ]calers Everywhere, WITHOUT SPSCIAL TAX OR X.ICENSE. Proprietors, 41 River St, Chicago, III.


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