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FRED SORG, Dealer in PAINTS, OILS JAIISHES BEUSHES, WINDOW QLASS, And all Painters' Suppllea of the Beat Quality SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington [st. ANN ARBOB. - MICMIGAN. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington st0, Have on band a complete stock of everythinginthe Grocery Line. They buy their Toas, Cofifees, aiul Sugars In large amounts, and at OsisILl Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of Teas they Buy and Sell Is t good proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast their own Coffees every week, ane none but prime articles are used. Their Bakeryturns out excellent Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cal! and see them. JACKSON F1RE CLAY CO. Manufacturera oí Stone Sewer Pipe -AND - ' JDttJL.xir tile. All our Drain Tile are made of Fire Clay, are of unusual strength and Ught weight, which ma terially reduces the breakage and expense of transportaron. The ditching f or this class of tiling ia less expen sive, as they do not require to be laid belowfrost, but only deep enough to escape the plow. While this is more eeonomieal it also aids In obtainingiabetter -f all" or grade to the drain. A f uil assortment of all sizes, for sale in small quantities, or car load lot?, at the FEBDON LÜMBER YA1 JAS. TOLBERT, Agen. Genuine Milwaukee Lager Beer Depot. Sam. B. Revenaugh, Is now taking the Best Class of Pfiotoirajls In the City at Prices to Suit the Times Qround Floor Gallery. COODRICH BLOCK, East Side of the NEW COURT HOUSE. eberbaW&soñ; Dealers in Drugs, Medicines And afine lot of French Hair Brushes AND English Tooth Brushes. We cali special attention to our stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicals of our own Importation. A full Une of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At ligt prices. STTTDDEZrSTTiS &re cordially invitad to examine our stock at luality and prices. EBERBACH-&SON. ■-■■-' '-r-T" ■■-■ --ftJ.3lëjfa BAtt-wffi_i - ■ - ) '1 IX JL (.-- Chicago Bi Western Is the 0IJ5EST! BEST CONBTRTTCTEDI BEST EQUIPPED ! and henee the LEADI1TG RAILWAY, OF THE - WEST AND NORTHWEST! tt Is the short and best route betweea Chicago and all points in i-ortiemffliaols, Iowi, Djkota, Wyomi-, Hstasïi Oallísrdfc Orejón, áriioaa, Utah, Colorado. Idaho, ilsctaa, .ovaaa, and iur COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA DENVER, LEADVILLE, "alt Lake, San Francisco, DEADWOOD, SIOUX CITY, Cedar Kapidi, D93 Moines, Columbas, an4 all Points in th T.rritories, and ths West. Also, fcr Milwsukee, OroeiBjv v .ikosa, Sheooygaa, Marquetta, "ond du Lac, Watortown, -.5.ighton, Neenah, Moeash;, Sí Paul, llinneapolis, Hurón, vcija, Fargo, Biamucï, Winona, LaCrosso, Owatonna ani all points in Minnesota, Daiota, Wisconsia aad the KcrthW93t. AtCouncil Bluíft tho trainsofthe Chicago & North-Western and the ü. P. R'ys depart from arrive at and use the same j Dint Union Depot. At Chicago, eloseconnejtionsaremadewiththe Lake Snore, Michigan Central, Baltimore & Ohio, i"t. Wayne and Pennsylvania, and Chicago & Urand Trunk R'ys, and the Kankakeo and Pan Handle Routes. Close connections made at Junction Points. It is tho only line runnig Pullman Hotel Dining Cars BEHVEEN CHICAGO AND COUNCIL BLUFFS. PULLMAN SLEEPERS ON ALI, IOHT TRAINS. Insistupon Ticket Agenta selling you ï'iekets via this road. Examine your tickets, and refus Imy if they do not read over the Chicago fc Western Hoihvay. If you wish the B8t traveüngAccommodations 'eu will tmy your tickets by this route, an-i wAll akc none Hut. All 1'ieket Agents sell Tickets ty this Line. JÏABVIr IIITUlflTT, 2ni T. !. & SeaiMug'r, CSicsgo,


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