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Oíd Si put his feet on the brass fenler, leaned baclc in his arm chair, knocked the ashes ofE his Savannah cigar, and sinilingly said: "I sorter 'gin ter feel safe fer enudder yeah now." "ín whitt wayí" "W'y ef dat ole Mudder Shiffton's ;wine ter 'gin her 'struckshon ob dis wuii' dis yeah presint, she'd be'ter ;ech off her dynimite moughty suddint, case I smells New Yeah all 'roun' ebery town kitchen dat I goes 'bout!" "Then you don't fear the old lady's prophecy r' 4 "l'se allus skeer'd teil the de danger's done pas', but l'se put hit down lat de ole woman wuz slightually ofïen ier base w'en she rit dat jedgement on lis lieah yeah!" "What do you think about the end Df the world, anyhow ?" "I aint pesteriu' bout hit myself, kase [ aia't gwine ter be heah w'en hit heaves in site; but dis much I'se boun' Ler beleebe, dat beins de Lawd tuck seben days fur ter make dis wurl' in, an' fawty days fer ter drovvn the wickidwe'n de poppylashum wuz skase, He'.s gwine ter take plenty er time an' lots er pains ter win' up de affa'rs ob de mighty nashuns ob de yearth dat He's 'lowed to grow up down heah!" "That is a rather comforting view of the case." "Well, dat's my 'pinion, ennyhow; kase w'y, I kno's fokes right heah in dis town dat hit 'ud take a day er piece ter spose ob, eL dey got jestice and had jedgement on all dere meanness!" And thereupon the oíd man sunk into the peacef ul slumber of a man íearless of the second advent. - Atlanta Ga., Constitution. The public debt statement Feb. 1, shows that the total national debt less cash in the treasury was reduced during January nearly $13,000,000, while the actual reduction of the debt was over $20,000,000. It is an interesting fact that for the first time since 1864, or eighteen years ago, the total debt, exclusive of cash in the treasury, is today below $2,000,000,000. Thedecrease of the interest-bearing debt during January was over $20,000,000. The redemption of called bonds amounted in round numbers to $17,800,000. The available cash balance has been diminished during the month nearly $12,500,000. Upon the whole the showing for the ürst month of the new calendar year if noteworthy and interesting. When a strong east wind blows over the Sea of Azoy the water retires in a remarkable manner, and the people living on one shore can cross to the other dry shod. But this hazardous journey sometimes involves the fate of Pharaoh, for a sudden change of the wind will bring the water quickly back to its jsual place, and travelers are frequently swallowed up by the fickle waves. Robert C. Bailey, a teacher in a public school near the town of Rose bud, Randolph County, 111., was killed yesterday afternoon by one of his pupils, Emmet McBride. The teacher undertook to chastise McBride for disobedience of rules, a struggle ensued, and Bailey was stabbed to the heart. Clarence A. Seward, of New York, is spoken of as likely to receive the offer of Judge Blatchford's place on the bench of the United States Circuit Court, in the event of the appointment of Judge Blatchford to the United States Supreme Court.


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