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Anolden Time Scene In Church

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In good old New Englan 1. more tlinn out hundred years ago, People wentto meeting tu ' 'uur hip Goii," instead of show ; Theparsoa gave two sermons, the early and tii e late. Uetween whlch caine tliedinner, thelr hunKertoabaii'. Services oommencing, at the early Liour of (er, Intfr'stueverlaggliig, Uil the preacher lald - aiueu . fhénqulokly from thelr bldlDg 'nealü the country churcb's seat, liiimpers, all well ladiin uil'i good brown bread and meat, AiKt douijhnHts llght aud spongY. vvith cïioes.? aud ginger cake, Was afaist whicu those plain peopl1 "Wllh gladuess" dld partake. Now lt chaneed.onoe on a timo that. a wldow noDi' aud lone. liad ueltLer meat nor "goodles" wlthin hor frugal home, .-(otílliugupher pitoher wlth niush and nülk In place, She cheerfully set forward to attend tbe 'raeansof erace." Carefally sho placed tt within the old .tnan; pew, No tlioiislit. of any mlgohlef, ala, ibe HUIe knew That satan slood awaiting a ohauce to ra Ise asmue Upon the deacon's features, so dlcl a dog uegulle To BQifl and snuif arouml, till thnt pitcher was dlsolosed, And then tho troublecame, wben tbrustlDg In nis nose, He found hls head was iasteued in all too tight ; Then rushiDg through the aisle, íq a terror oiaffrlght. He made wlthlu those wallsstrangest muslo feyhls cry, ïhat sounded Uke denial, so nearJy oa "talnt I." At length It hit a oorner and broke in pleoes three, The mush and milk was scattered but "doggie" was set free. Wben other people's pitchers, are standing all about, Thesafestway for all is tokeep their noses out.


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