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A House Of Ice

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A house of ice, BÜBil i lo Lhat which was built in Empresa Anne's reign, is about to be constructed in the zoological galden at Moséöw. The managers of that establishment have found among its archives some valuable details as to the mode of building which was adopted on the former occasion, and they will be adhered to in the present instance. The flrst edifice was raised between the admiralty and the winter palace of St. Petersburg, in 1740, and was formeel throughout- walls, roof, Windows, decorations, alike - of ice. The bloeks were cut in a square shape and their surfaces sprinkled with water, which, when the cubes were placed in juxtaposition, f roze in the insterstices and bound the whole into one compact and solid mass. At the entrance of the structure was a large gallery filled with statues. The pilasters on the exterior were fashioned to imitate green marbles. Tiie antechamber possessed four windows and the other rooms flve each, while on the sills stood vases filled with flowers made of ice, shrub-like plants covered with birds of the same material, standing at the corners. Clock cases, chaire, tables, wardrobes, utensils, cande'.abras, beds, were all of ice, The Caraon City Appeal says: "An old Buby Hill miner, who had flfteen years' experience under ground, says that he had observed onti peculiar í'act - that between 12 and 2 o'clock in the night, if there is a loóse stone or a bit of earth in the mine, it is sure to f all. Says he: -Aboutthis timeit seetnsthat everything begins to stir, and iinmediately after 12, although the mine bas been still as a tomb before, you wil! hear particles of rock and earth come tumbling down, and if there is a caving piece of ground in the mine it is sure to give way.' " Madame Christino Nilsson's favorite amusement is said to be shooting.


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