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"My back acnés so and I teel miserable," said a hard working man. The doctors questioned him and found that he had been habitually costive for years, that now his kidneys were disordered ana his whole sy3teni deranged. JvidneyWort was recominended and faithfuliy taken and in a snort time every trouble was removed. The cleansing and tonic power of this medicine on the bowela and kidneys is wonderful. - Evangelist. The contributions to missionary societies in Great Britian for the year 1880 amounted to $5,542,950. A vexed clergyman.- Even the patience of Job would become exhausted were he a preacher and endeavoring to interest his audience while they were keeping up an incessantcoughing making it impossible for him to be heard. Yet, how very easy can all this be avoided by simply using Dr. King'g New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds. Trial bottles given away at Eberbach & 3ou's Irug store. Three Congregational churches have been dedicated in Denver Col., within flve months, all free from debt. The English Baptists have now at least 400 missionaries in charge of nearly 600 stations and sub stations, with an aggregate membership of about 40,000. There are but three Southern Methodist bishops now able to do regular duty. It is thought that at least three or four bishops will be elected at the session of the general conference to be held next May. PILES! PILES! PILES! A Sure Cure Found at Last.- No one Need Suffer. A snre cure for the Blind, Bleeding. Itching and Ulcerated Piles has been diseovered by Dr. Williams (an Indian remedy), called Dr. William's Indian Oiniment. A single box has cured the worst ehronie cases of 25 and 30 years' standing. No one need suffer flve minutes after applying this wonderful soothing medicine. Lotions, Instruments and Electuaries do more harm than good William's Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intense itching (particularly at night after getting warm in bed), acts as a poultice gives instant and painless relief, and is preparec only for Piles, itching of the private parts, and nothing else, Read what the Hon. J. M. Cofflnberry, of Cleveland, says about Dr. William's Indian Pile Ointment: I have used scores of pile cures, and it affords me pleasure to say that I have never found anything whieh gave such immediate and per manent relief as Dr. William's Indian Pile Oint ment. For sale by all druggists, or mailed on receipt of priee, $1.00. Jas. E. Davis & Co., Wholesale Druggists, Detroit, Mich., Agents. For sale by H. J. Brown & Co., Ann Arbor, Mich. ' crmTËMÏT. i For Sale.- I offer my residenee on Forest avenue for sale at a bargain. A. WILSEY. Extra bargains in New and Secondhand Pianos and Organs. Large stockv Stools and Covers. Instruction books, Violins and Guitars, Accordeons, Banjos, etc. Best strings only 15 ets. Sheet rausic discounted to all purchasers at WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE. Important to travelers. - Special Inducements are offered you by tbe Burlington Route. It will pay you to read their advertisement found elsewhere in tuis issue. Persons desiring to use the 10 cent bus of J. S. Earl's should leave orders at Casper Rinsey's grocery store, opposite the Cook house. All calis will receive prompt altention. A spau of working mares for exchange for a carriage borse. Address Box 147, Ann Arbor, Mich. For Sale. - A nice family horse owned by Frank H. Ortmann, Ann Arbor, A public benefit. - On January 16th an elegant line of Parlor Cars was placed on the Michigan Central railroad, between Bay City and ilackinaw City, leaving Bay City at U 20 a. m. and Macknaw City at 7 20 a. m., every day except Sunday. These cars make connection at Bay City with the Michigan Central trainsto and from Detroit, Jackson, Chicago, and all otuer principal points in Michigan and the east, west and south. Passengers should make a note of this fact, and select their route accordingly. Byron Green, having regained his health, offers his services as auctioneer. Residence corner of Fourth and Ann Sts., Ann Arbor. Don't fo.get to buy a twenty-five een bottle of Dr. Kellogg's Lung Remedy fo colds and coughs. Sold by all druggists Students will find it to their advantag to look through Kearney's stock of lamps Cady's Catarrh Remedy.a sure cure fo catarru, is for sale at Holmes' drug store Cook hotel block.


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