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Additional local on second page. J. S. Earls has a $400 team. Judge Cooley is ia New York. Judge Joslin is holding cnurt in Monroe. Judge Joslin will hold court next Monday. Frederick Stabler is buyiug pork in Saline. C. B. & Q.' railroad advertisement this week. Frank Hangsterfer is building a boat house. Theo. Tilton was a guest at the St . James. Haverly's rainstrels next Thursday evening. Thos. Matthews has purchased a $150 ice box. Ypsilanli has organized a temperance alliance. D. J. Fisher is even on the poultry exhibition. ; The entries in the poultry show numbered 200. J. W. Hamiltou is back from Rochcster, N. Y. Work on the Hark Master uext Monday night. E. J. Johnson has moved trom the third ward. naveriy smasiauon minsireis.üu hiruu, are coming. Prof. Winchell lectured in South Lyon Friday night. Theo. Tilton lectured in Manchester last evening. Dr. Kellogg has a chauge oí advertisement to-day. A son of E. B. Hall is recovering from the diptheria. Widow Bedott at the YpsUanti opera house Feb. 18. Don't fail to hear Talmage. You will never regret it. Rev. Talmage at the opera house uext Monday evening. R. A. Beal has been looking over the Lansing postoffice. Ada Gray and company will stop at the St. James to-day. M. D. L. Branch and wife are visiting ín Bath, Michigan. Annual masquerade, Ann Arbor Turn Verein, Febnury 21. Mr. and Mrs. C. Comeskie mourn the loss of their boy baby. A. M. Brown has been elected president of the junior class. The university orchestra will soon make a tour of the state. Adrián is terribly excited over the attempted steal of $150,000. Profs. Pettee and Weed ai e each to build residences this year. The last of the court house bonds of $8,000 were paid Saturday. Ailes & Gratton have put in a new lathe weighing 3,000 pounds. Ninety days at Ionia was what Leighton got Monday for larceny. The Pray-Bucboz suit has gone over until the next term of court. Next Thursday is the last day of hearing claims in the Vaughn estáte. The junior hop will occur at Hangsteifer's hall to morrow evening. A young lady residing on State street received 98 Valentines Tuesday. David Woodward a staunch oíd deuiocrat of Milán, was ín tbe city Monday. Some persons wondered last week why the court üouse corridors were not cleaued. l M'lle Ruea, the great Frcnch actress, will appear at thc opera house February 27. The Chronicle board indulged ia a banquet at Frank Hangsterfer'a Friday evenThe school board will meet next Tuesday night at the office of Judge Harriman. A $5,000 house is to be built this summer by Mr. L. 15. Yaughn, on Church strett. Several persons in this city have tlit western fever. They 3hould take Greeley' advice. Creele's Mathemutical Journal, costiug $500, has arrived for the use of the uni versity. "The Bright Side of Life" will be the subject of Rev. Talmuge next Monday evening. W. E. and J. J. Walker have purchased a bank and will furnish theirown sand hereafter. Yesterday wis the last day of hearing claims in the estáte of Charles liitson, deceased. A. Nebel, of Sharon, aud a member of the Cuelsea workiug meu's union, died last week. Prof. Sage will have charge of the choir duriog anniversary week of the reform club. B. F. Bower of the Detroit Evening News, spent the Sabbath with nis people in this city. The remains of Hamilton Rogers.a former citizen, were brought here Saturday for interraent. The postoffice was thronged with "little folks Tuesday. Valentinea were what they were after. The alarm of flre Friday evening waa caused by a chininey burning out near the observatory. A special meeting of the state board of health is to be held in this city February 28 and Maren 1. Geo. B. Woodford deiivered three very interesting lectures at the Unitarian church last week. Simón Davis was given a. donation Friday night. He was made glad by a stocking ful] of rnoney. Little Clara, daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Leonhard Gruner, died Suuday, after a three days' illness. If the weatber holds good tbe Walker Bros. will commence Work on the new Unitarian church. O. O. Sorg, who has a numbcr of big jobs on hand, expccts to keep 25 painters busy thia summer. Marshal Blackburu, a terror to Saline evil-doers,was ia the city Mon.iay on professional business. A social and musical entertainment was given in the chapel of St. Andrew's church last evening. There certainly ought to be a cross-walk from the south side of tbe court house across Huron street. A Mr. Wilson of Pennsylvania addressed a temperance meeting at .T. II. Hicks' Sunday night. Dr. Franklin, who bas been confined to the house for some days by siekness, is able to be out again. The superintendents of tbe poor will meet next Tuesday for auditing accounts. So get your bilis reaJy. W. A. Hitch Jr., celebrated bis 3Gth birtbday on Friday last and tbe 13thanniversary of bis marriage. Brother Halford is happy now tbat he has control of the Daily Mews - be can work witb a better will. Nelson Sutherland bas sold bis place on the corner of Spring and Hiscock streets in the tbird ward. Young men, whether students of the Uuiversity or not, should maintain good order in all public places. The state sanitary convention will hold a two days' session at tbe couit house February 28 and March 1. The Ann Arbor tire department was well represented al tbe firemeu's bail in Ypsilanti Tuesday evening. Work on tbird degree, Fraternity lodge next Wednesday evening. All master masons are invited to attend. Bob McKinney was visibly iffected wben tbe jury returned a verdict of guilty in the Sophia Lyons case. Charles K. Backus, son of Dr. Backus of tbis city, bas been appointed assistant commissioner of emigration. . Sullivan s moerman bÏDnds playea to a large baldheaded crowd in Ypsilanti last evening, at Light Guard hall. An eflort is to be made to keep persons from walking over the grass iu the court yard, by barbed wire feucing. The Arbuckle and Colby concert cornpany will give an entertaiument at university hall to-ruorrow evening. Florence N. Willets, grand-daughter of Mr. Popkins, who resides near Dixboro, died Sunday, in her fourth year. W. W. Lewis has been presented with a silver watch and gold chain by his father W. H. Lewis, of the St. James. Tilton had a f uil house Monday evening. His lecture on "The World's Toinorrow" was a magnificent effort. Treasurer Seyler seltled with the township treasurer of Angusta Monday, who returned $50.45 of tax uncollected. Edward A. Simmons, of the township of Salem, died Tuesday of inflammation of the lungs, at the age of 07 years. It is said that architects in Chicago, Detroit, Boston and other places will present plans for tue postoffice building. J' Q. A. Sessions is not a prohibitionist, nor would he accept a nomination on such a ticket for justice of the peace. H. L. Ash, M. D., of Clare, was in the city Friday. Soroe years ago he worked for Cornwell Bros., in the paper mili. Viiíilant flre company have donned now hats. They were furnished by Joc T. Jacobs, the clothier, on a contract. Geo. Lovejuy with his mother.Mrs. Dr. Lovejoy, who have been inPhiladelphia for the past four months, are in the city. Rev. DeWitt Talrnage who isto lecture at the opera house Monday evening, is one of the flnest orators in the country. Wm. Kiiobgesscer of Manchester, was in the city Friday, and as several others did, then subscribed for The Democrat. A ball under the auspices of the German workingmen's association of Manchester, is to be given nezt Monday evening. Miss Nellic Norton, Mrs. N. Wassc and Mrs. A. J. McMahon bave been i the country tho past ten days lor tbei health. Mrs. Mary E. Foster will soon go t Washington. The Democuat will in form the public when she takes her de part uro. "The Funny SUle of Army Life" wil be the subject of Col. Beard's lecture Saturday evening. He should have a full house. Saturday night burglars entered the residence of Amos Spokes in the flftl ward, and canicd off $100 of Mr. Spokes hard earnings. An effort bas been made to get Col. In gersoll to lecture here, but on account o pressing engagements he could not be induced to come. The case of the people against James Taylor will be tried in the circuit court, the defeudantgiving bonds for liis appearance for trial. The funeral of C. Weitbreelit was largely attended. Company A, the flre department, and Germán band were out in full uniform. The report that the dead body of au infant soinfi two weeks old was found Friday morning in the fourth ward school yard, was untrue. Henry Dengler, who graduated under Milo Pulcipher, has been appointed telegraph operator at Concord, on the Michigan Central road. Jno. S., son of Wm. and Suaan Seadiu, of Webster, died Saturday of injuries received from a fall on the ice, ajjed 12 years and 7 months. Dr. Parsons who has been visiting in the west for several weeks, is expected home to-day. The doctor's many friends will welcome his return. The county pioneer society will meet in Saline March 1. Knowing the characteristics of the Salineites the members will have a high old time. Saturday night John Hagen, living in the town of Ann Arbor had 25 chickens stolen. A day or so after he was looking for them in the fifth ward . Mrs. Robert Price has commenced action against several students rooming at her house for breaking furniture. The case will be heard the 23d inst. The heaviest tax-payers in tbc city are R. A. Beal, Mack & Schmid, Joe T. Jacobs, S. II. Douglas, Lucy Morgan, W. B. Smith, Wm. Wagner and P. Bacil. Mrs. C. Weitbrecht returns thauks to Company A, members of the fire department, city band and other friends, who were present at her husband's funeral. Parties stand ready to purchase the lot where the marble sliop stands and uext o the proposed new postofflee, if the ownor will sell at a reasonable figure. A Mis. Merritt of Jackson was in the city some days ago to go Sophia Lyon's jail. She intended to duposit the amount, 0,000, and had the collaterals with her. Prof. Franklin has donated to the homopathic college 15U anatombal specimens reserved in alcohol, which were collectd by the professor while surgeon in the array. J. W. Hangsterfer, superintendent of he new confectionery company, and president R. A. Beal, have gone to Chicago to inspect the candy manufacturies here. A btilï from Kalamazoo was received u ihe express office Saturday. The boys, or amusemenl.stood the box on end, and n a lew moments the walk was covered vith blood. Miss Ada Gray is acknowledged to rank unong the best emotional and tragic ac. resses of her day, and to have no living peer in soine of her favorite charaoters.- ackson Patriot. When Stanley left this place he also left sundry unpaid bilis, but tuere was oue thiug he did pay for and that was his whisky. He also beat the people in sev'ral other cities. Thos. Downs of this township died Thursday of inflammation of the lungs, at the age of 60 years. Funeral services were held Monday at St. Patrick's church, Northfield. Mrs. Henrietta Jones, of Dexter, gave a large party last evening. Over two ïuüdred colored persons were present rom this place, Ypsüanti, and otber owiis iu the coiinty. Glazier & Armstrong of Chelsea, who lave been engaged in the banking, drug and giocery business for many years,have dissolved partnership. Mr. Gkzier will cariy on the business. The plan for a new postofflee building desigceJ by Arthur Marshall, the archiect, and which was on exhibition at the Courier office, was viewed by huudreds of persons the past week. The steamer with president Angelí and party, was obliged to run into Hallfax Sunday, being nearly out of coal. The doctor went to N. Y„ by rail. He is expected back in a few days. Will Maggie O'Leary, daughter of Maurice and Margaret O'Leary, or anyone knowing her or her address, be kind enougU to write to her sister, Mrs. Wm. Hollister, Oskosh, Wisconsin. The annual re union and banquet of Kent chapter Phi Delta Phi fraternity will take place at the St. James, March '. On this occasion the annual convention of the grand chapter will be held. Matters in the estáte of the late Frederick Kempf have been amicably settled, there will be no contest over the will, and Mrs. Christina Kempf and F. Pistorius were appointed executors Monday. B. W. Forbes, administrator in the Sheckels estáte sold Tuesday 135 acres of land in the township of Saline, to Jas. Gregory and Clark brothers of the village of Saline, for the sum of $7,752.50. Chas. H. Day, agent for the great For. paugh show, has the thanks of Tme Democuat for a portrait of Adam Forepaugh executed iu the highest style of art, by the famous artist, Matt Morgan. Wm. Herz has finished decorating Hangsterfer's hall in a handsome manner - better than ever before- in oil. He has aleo taken a contract for a job of painting in Adrián, and left with several workmen a few days ago. The second trial of Douglass Beahan and Eugene Smith commenced in the circuit court Friday resulted in a verdict of guilty. Smith was sentenced to Ionia for tliree months and Beahan to give $200 scurity for his good behavior. According to the Daily News the Tolodo road is receiving from one to thre engines every other day. All right, ford, but seeing is believing. The people would like to see the company have enough to do business with. In Detroit Monday Hugh S. Peoples and Dr. Jas. N. Hollywood were arrest ed on a charge of niurdcring Martha Whitla. The partios aro in jail and as thcre is said to be starüing evidenct against them they will uot be let out on bail. Company A dedicated the new armory last evening with a ball. The committee of arrangement were lieutenants J. F Schuh and C. E. Hiscock; sergeants, M. J. O'Brien and S. B. Kcvenaugh. A grand supper was given at the Cook house. C. B. Davison, pressuian at the Courior office, returned f rom New York Mouday, where he had be3n for several days learn ing how to run an electrotyping machine, which was recently purchased by Mr. Beal at an expense of several huiulred dollars. By an act approved June 1, 1881, it is made the duty of every person having unrecorded deeds to present the same for record at the office of the register of deeds. The penalty for refusing to do so is $100. Seenoticeof "cauüon" under the head of legáis. A huntcr from thls city who happened to be taking a nde in the country Suuday saw a flock of wild pigeons seven miles south. He happened to have his gun with him, but being a church member he did not wish to viólate the sabbath by flring into the flock. Enterprise: The Lutheran society has purchased the land on the flats bouuded by Jacksou, Madison, Maconib and Unon streets, upon whicU to erect their church and school house. They intend to put up the church this season. The site is a very fine one. Col. O. T. Beard of the Detroit Post and Tribune, will lecture at the Unitaran church Saturday night on "The Incidents of the War," and will address the reform club Sunday afternoonin the same )lace. Col. Beard is a fine speaker, an able writer,and should have a full house. Some persons atole a small-pox sign ast Friday night and hung it up in front of No. 12 Bowery gtreet, where a club of students are boarding. The milkman eeing the sign out Saturday morning, [rove by and has not been to the house ince. Anolher milkmau furnishes the lub with milk. Either this week or next, Messrs. Sniith nd Putman, who are engaged in running job office in Milan village,will commence lie publication of a newspaper, which is o be neutra', in politics. The parties are roung men and as they have inoney, and re chuck full of business, thi'y ought to make their paper succeed. The Hangsterfer confecüonery comany orgaDized Thursday evening by lecting the following ofBcers: President, l. A. Beal ; vice president, W. D. Harriman; superintendent, J. W. Hangsterfer; reasurer, B. Brown; directora, Iï. A. Beal, W. D. Harriman, J. W. Hang terfer, Moses Seabolt, Joo T. Jacobs, ihristian Mack and Chas. E. Hiscock. Evening Newg: When a real smart 'oung Bay City man wants to do someliing exquisitely funny, he doesn't remove some one's gate, as an exhilaratng Ana Arbor youth would do, but only peus the street car track switches in the night, for the rare pleasure of seeing a ïorse killed or hearing a driver sink his mmortal soul beneath a flood of profanty- Ada Gray in the celebrated play of 'East Lynne" to-night. The Daily Calfornia Bulletin says Miss Ada Gray is ïandsome of person, agreeable in voice, nd has a splendid presence. She dis)lays talent of a high order in impasioned acting, and the subtle, crafty powr that is essential In plotting and schening for revenge was developed wiih conummate skill. The statement in the Demochat last week that Mr. Conrad, of the Résister office, is "well plcased wuh the postofflce ocaiion," on Ann street, and "soinfornied a Democeat reporter Monday" is manuactured out of whole cloth. Mr. Conrad nevei made any such statement. - Regiser. The gentleman must have a short nemory. He has made the statement at different times that the "loeaüon suited him well euough." The I. O. G. T. in Ypsilauti, will be ofcered the next six ruontbs as followa: W. C. T., Miss KateEastment; W. R. S., H. Davis; VV. L. S., Will Stewart; W. V. f., H. Walkington; W. S., Miss Efüe Pullen; V. A. S., E. Colb} ; W. F. S., A. Knapp; W. T., Miss Mary Adair; W. M., George McBride; W. D. M., Miss Nelhe Hopkins; W. I. G., Miss Einma Hawkins; W. O. G., E. Kuapp; W. O.. W. F. Pattison; P. W. (.'. T., Alfred Humphrey. P. T. Barnum declares that the prettiest and most gratifying picture he ever beheld was twenty thousand upturned, chcerful, smiling faces, and that the most beavenly music outside the gates of Paradise is that of ten thousand children laughing in cheerful harmon}. The veteran showman sees such a picture and hears such music under his immense tents scores of times every year, and such has been his happy experience lor half a century. No wonder he declares that he has not the slightest ill-will toward any human being. Chas. Leighton, who claimed to hail from Liverpool, England, and a sailor by occupation, sailed to the city Saturday, and landed In university hospital for repairs. He was suffering with a lung trouble, and was prescribed for by the house surgeon. Wheu Lighton left the hospital a coat also came up missing. He aftervvards sold the coat to a person in Irwin's livery baru, for $2 and fee.iag a little discouraged as. he informed justice Winegar, took a little too much budge, and then had a fight with the pólice who took him to jail. Verdict - sent up. The Sophia Lyons case which attracted a good deal of attention terminated in a verdict of guilty. During the progresa of the trial, the court room was crowd ed, and sheriff Wallace and several Ceputies were kept busy in keeping the people back. As to the guilt or innocence of the accused, public opinión is devided. It was generally believed by thos who heard all the testimony that there would be a disagreement of the jury. There was a direct conflict of evidence as to the defendant being in Ann Arbor on the day the offence was committed. Th witnesses on the part of the people who swore to seeing Mrs. Lyons here on the 6th day of October were persons who had only seen her onzone or two other occasions, and many people lave strong tloubts about the possibilily of theh identifying the defcndant on such slight acquaintance. There seems to be a general impression among those who heard the tiial that thouU Mrs. Lyons is a woman of unsavory reputation, she was not guilty of the offense for which sbt was tried, but that her appareut connection with the matter was owing to hei refusal to disclose the real criminal. The case goes to the supreme court aud the defendant's attorueys, Col. Atkinson and J. F. Lawrence. are confident of securing a new trial. Frank Leslie's Sundiy Magazine. The March number opens with No. 3 of Dr. Talmage's interestiug papers, "Pcople I Have Met," descriptivo of Heury Wilson, ex-vice-president of the United otates, with his latest public address, and Dean Stanley. There is also an article by him on "Guiteuuism," and a sermón "Thumbscrews." W. C. Gray has an admiiable article, "The Truc Doctrine of the Fairyland"; and auioiig the otuer iüustrated artieles of great ment are "Tho Church of the lloly Sepulchre," 'Heminiscenccs o. an Old New Yorker," "Rome the City of Surprises," "The Feast of the Annuncia tion," etc. The seriáis, "Prudence Winterburn" and ''Margaret's Enemy," are continued, aud there are several highly intcreslins short stories, sketches and essays by distinguished writers. The lovers of poetry will bc dtlighted with the variety and uuusual excellence of the poems; Augusta Browne Garrett contributes two which will not fail to be partic ularly uoted - "The Heart and the World," and "An Artist's Farewell to Time." "The Mother with Niue bons," f rom the romiac, by II. F. Bramwell, is quaint and original. Besides the usual abundauce of entertaining and instructive miácellany, there is "The Collection Basket," "Wit, AVisdom and Pathos of Childhood," etc. A single copy is furnishedfor 33 cents, and the subscription for a year $3, postpaid. Address, Frank Leslie, 53, 55 and 57 Park Place, New York City.