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A Case Of Conscience

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Iu a certain boarding house in tbis city a party of young men might have been seen wasting the "rnid-night oil," sitting up, waiting for the "we sma' hours ayont ;he wal," whcn they wuuld engage in an exploit which would bring them fame and a uamc iu tbeir class history, and an Uustration in ilie Palladium. During hese small hours od the morning of February 10, they miglit have been seen leavng their rooms with a stealthy, cat-like tread upon misehief bent. Not baYing ;he fear of an}r policenian in their path, they proceedeU on their way until they carne to ibe Episcopal church, here they turned into the yard and going to the rear of the new chapel reached the scène of their exploit. The belfry timbers were soon cliuibed and they stood upon the scaffold (used in hanging the bel!), quickly they worked and soon secured the rope and tongue of the bell. Back tliey went to their rooms with the coveteU prizes. After keeping them about a week, they grew weary of having the care of so much tongue. solemn conclave they resolved to return vvhat they had borrowed, before doing so they bo'iowed an old machine with which they ground out the following lines, which were founi at:ached to the tongue when returned : Of this.instrument of torture, _ j We thankyou for the loan, Perchauce we soon shall hearit Cause your high toneel bell to groan. Here jone of the springs broke; after tying it with a shoe-string they pioceeded: We hope it is uninjured, _ You may uac it for next Sunday On one express provise, Please return to us on Monday. At this point one of the wheels broke, and the machine becaruc useless, but oue of the party e'jual to the occasion eeized a pen and wrote, Yours truly, BlLLY DOOLEY.


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