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It ia reported Ihat dynamita bas beendiscovered ia the Czar's woort. A uumbnr nf arresta are reportad. It is annouuced that Mr. Biusham-lBave the poflltion nf United States ministor to Japnn to becouie a membnr of tho Btaff of the Japnnflsís mialstry of justice. Justin Jflcuarmy ju tue uouse 01 cuuimuus ;ives üotice of an nmoudment to the addreesof Jueen Victoria, condemnlng the goveminenl's [rish poflcy and urgtaft R retara to oonstitutioual methode. Do Lwseps 'm reported serioasly UI at Calr., Th Esypüaa goïernmentare m anit in expressie tüat they eau nanage their owu Rífairs. tranco and Eogland are giveu to understaud tbat aay 1 1 upon their part will be firraly reslsted. ïlie RusMiiu öovwnment w preparing to ox■ iteü from f onlpabillty In thematterot J in, It ciainis tobRVfldone what it represa thn nuiu ïid punlsli th culni' A wealtby Engllsh c. 46,000 1 md in Dakota of tbe Northern Pacifii) BallroaiJ Company, umi wil! lóente au Ensjiisb colony there in the spring. Braiilitufii ': sppearanee iu IU of Commons, as tho member from Nol tingham and desired to b sworn. Reoognition was refused by a vote oí 286 to 227. British import for ast montb thowod au Lacrease over tbose of laat year of $28,500,00!) aud the exporto oí $12,600,00''. A Jewish famiin Uier, dauRhter, aged 17, and a son aged U, ías bsen maseacred I . ieil in Bussia, Advicos from Lima, Jan;; xj 25, oonflrm the report that a tieaty oí peace has been mgued between Bolivia and Peru. By lts terms Bolivia is left without a sí:abofiru. Arnuigeuieut Istnade for a lii o? steainere I tíie "Black Star Line," between Gteat Qrlmaby iSugland md Newïork end pina. . As tho result of tue Eaglish CaUnet Council Satarday, England aad Franca smt a i'ollectiveuoteto the powere explaimug tlieir aíon thc Egyptiau iiuestion. The cote is couched in very iinteiUe terme. Tho result of the coutest betwn the liads ot Aíiísaud Villairc8acia at Chiadea Bhowthat between fitlj auJ Bixty foreignors loet thelr Uvas, aud property valued at $8,000,000 in gold wae dëstroyed. Mas gave hls soldier pi ion to Back the tiwu after entering. The submarinecüble companies have writtfn to the London Board of Trade easgesting )e:L-latioa for the pieTention of neghgeut or intutional injury to cahiea under liabillttes foj ages, t!ie cable compauies on their part uuüertaking tu compénsate vessols sacrlficing their mChorat) and gear iu order U avold Injuring the cible?. Franee doe3 uot oars for tho recouvoniue; of th iütwnational monetary coaferencs.


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