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Tiie general proauco mame; tor uto wewc has litsen very qulet, and important eïiaugea have taken place. Medium anti low graiioj oE butter havo moved quita lïeoly at shipphip, pricef, but of the finer qualities Sdapted tor use therescarcity. Beana ave als acaree. In clover seed uot ruucli bas been donr. f h marktst is overstockeil with eggs; for linuw) there is noiuquiij al any prloe. Ho wholly negleuled, aa holden demand turma above tho views o" tho trada. Potatoes are moviogr al about old prices, ! elng fuily Bustained. Pork aad iard havo been firm. For uains, shoulders and dried meats n local demaud pre. Podltry - Dressed tmkeys wero iu better demanda and sold at 14@16c. OhicksuR wero given the preferenoo, Imwever, and sold at 11 @12. per fb. Whbat- white $ bu I 25 ( 80 Rïe- f bu 90 @ 1 00 Coen- $) bu 91 ■:', Oats- f bu 4é @ 45 App les- $ bbl $8 75 ((t4 50 Baeleï- f) bu 2 00 (o) 2 i'O Cheesk- Ohlo&Mlch., f tb.. H @ 15 DbIEDPbüIT- AipleaO !b.. 5 & 6V - Krtd 13 @ 18 - Pnachfls '-'',' 0 25 Cbanbeeries- Culti'd per 00 @11 00 - WUil " " 7 50 @ 9 00 Onions- V bbl 2 73 sa 8 00 BEAS3- $ bu 2 25 @ 3 00 BüTTKB- $ lb 21 (il 26 Bebswax- O lb 20 (ffi 22 Dbesskd HOGS- f Ib 7 40 @ 8 80 Eggs- iloz 16 ((■ 17 Hay- per ton 14 00 @18 60 Hides -Oreen K @ 7 -Eured 7 8 Hops- 21) @ 26 Poiatoes- "() Uu 1 10 @ 1 20 Sheep Pelïs- $ lb 50 @ 76 Tallow- DJ 5K(i 7 Wood- $ oord 4 00 Detroit Live Stock Market. Xhe cattle market was ctive aud firm, witti piicaa 15@20e. Uighor on all gradee. Oxeo were dull at a decline of 25o from last week'a price. Bheep active nt un advance of 20@80. Hogs were dull at liediu OÍ 26e. CATTLE. Steers extra psr cwt f6 00@5 25 Steen shippere 4 5ü(á5 25 Steors butchers 8 75@4 60 Steera comuiou giades 3 00@4 00 SHBEP. Per 100 Ibs i 00@5 25 HOOS. Per 100 Ibs 6 40@7 00 The wreek list of 1881 is a very bad one - indeed, the most disastroua on record for thia or any other country. During 1881, 2 039 vessels werewrecked throughout the world, and property of the value of $1,400,000,000 was de. stroyed. Of the latter, about $900,000,000 was cwned in Great Britain and its colonies, and about $275,000,000 in the United States. It is difflcult to reaiize the signiücance of these figures. It is not simply that 2,039 vessels were struck off the shipping registers of the world, and that in the balance sheet for the year a thousand dollars must be put on the wrong side of the balance, ïruly, the ocean is a great absorber, and it swallows up an iron-clad or a one-niasted sloop with equal impartiality. The figures imply that the natious of the world are poorer in respect to their shipping and merchandise by 2,039 vessels. We have become bo familiar with the enorinous figures which the annual wreek registers record that we rail to reaiize their meaning. It is, in iact, just the same as if so raany railways and somuch property had been eng ulied in an earthquake - vanished as certainly as if thrown in crisp bank notes into a í'urnace and reduced to ashes. There is even a darker side to the picture when we come to look at the number of lives saerificed in connection with these wrecks. The total is not unprecedented, but it exceeds 4,000. The total in 1879 was 5,000; but, with that exception, the past year is the highest recorded. - Brie Herald.


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