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The New York Fire

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Dr E. D. G. Prime describes his escap.i li-iüii tii editorial rooms of the Observer in the New York ñre as fol!owt: "I was writiüt; at my desk in an iuiier room on the third floor of the Park Eow side, when sowe one in the outer office gavo au alarm oí 'fire. It was followed almost immediately by a puffofsmoke, and I judged there was no time t; ;: getüiiff out. I had expeoted a íire for a loug time, and Ka the buildiug was a perfect tinder box, I kuew that when ouo oocurred it would be advisable to move quickly. i cüught up a buudle of papera of valué, and putting or tnycoat ran aftt-r the clorks in the outer office. Tliey had just taken time to close the safes, and 'lien ran for tbeir ]ive3. My brother, Dr. S. IrensBUS Primo, ra out without his hal. Dr. C. A. Stoddard, who was with ino when the alarm was given, aud l, on reaciung the hallvray, found the smoke bo thick and the heat eo intense that we were af'raid to venture down theslairs. Wc opeued a window and crawled along a broad stone ledge of i he World building to the Times luiilding, holding ou by the Observer sigu. My brother, who was in the streel, was shouting to me to niake baste. We needed no urging tu basten our inovemenis. We descended at. once froiu the Times building to the Street, and vet bo rapid bad been the spread of the flamea tbat when I reached the etrect I could aee tbat the desk at which I was seated was in flamea. The sign alongside of which wc bad crept was also on fin.-. The rapidity with wbich the fire spread was almost inconceivable. Our eafeii were eiosed, but I am afraid our papers will not be saved. The fiks of the paper und a ieíereuce library, which we have been thirty years uccumuluting, are destroyed. We have a duplícate list of' sub3eribersin the vauïts of the Park Safe Deposit Company. We have Uien rooms in the IVibune building," HOW DK. S. I. PEIME GOT OUT. Id room No. 138 at the Atstor house a Tribune reporter later found Di. 8. Irecseua Prime, editur-in-ohief oy the Observer, and bis assooiate editora. Dr. Prime gave the following iccount of hia escape: "The paper was alinost rt.(iy to go to prega. The last proofs werè being read aud all the editora were in the office. I sat in the editorial room, iookiug over some proofs., when I heard a commotion out in the business office. I tnought there was a fii;t out there and w'eut to see what was the matter. When I got thero some oue suiii there waa a íire, and I aw the clerks ruahing for the door. I went out into the entry and attempted to desceud to tbe stairs leading to Nassau street, but was prevented by the saioke aud flatne. I theu turned and went down the stairs leadiug to Park Row. By the time 1 got to tbe streel the fiitmes had cut on' all escape frorn thestairway down whioh I had just come. Dr. E. D. G. Primo and Dr. C. A. Stoddard were thé iast to leave the office, and finally esuaped by walking aloug the Observer sign." Dr. Stoddard said : "Tbe sign along which we wiiiked wasthreeand a half' inches wide. I beid on to Di Prime tilJ he got hold of the window ahead, and tben he steadied me till I reacbed il. Thus we picked our way along until we got into a window of the Times building." Save all the raanure. The Fall and Winter ruonths are the best seasons for applying it. Frequently it is advisable to plow the land before spreading the manure, so that the essence of the manure may not be washed away. If the ground be open and loose .the whole strength of the manure is absorbed into the soil.


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