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Oíd ieaoon Crocketthad a brindle cow WIth all th whims and crotcliets of her sex. No one in peace to mllk het ehe'd rllow. She had a dozen trieks to tease and vex. Whene'er a man wasmilking her, of course Her cholee of occupatlon was to Klok, Or bring her tail agalnst hit Jaw with force Snfficient to persuade hlm 'twas a brlck That struck bim. Or she'd slap hlm In the With the long hairs that tipped her tail, and then, Blinded and agonized, he would arise, And she'd he ofl, ere he could see agaln. Klndness nor punlshment would cansa reform. The deacon would be coaxing as he could, Till she'd upset him. Then her back he'd warm With a big clapboard. But it did no ood. Her conduct ülled the dencon with despair. His pent-up feelings kad to have relief, And, though a deacon, he would often swear. And vow he'd have the crltter killed f or beef The deacon haQ a neighbor, Jotham Mlnk, Oae oï tUo3 bandy iellows who knew how To do all sorts ol things. He seemed to think That he could milk the ugly brindle cow. The deacoa bid him try It and he did. The way he coaxed and wheedled was a sight: The cow was gentle; dtd as she wa bid, And n behaving, eeemeá to take dellght. She made no effort, Jotham to upset; She dldu't bolt hlm with her hnrd old tail; ahe dldn't tvy to start, or kick, or get A lot of barnyard pavement In the pall. I (leacon and the neighbors rauie to see; Astonishod, eworo they"never saw the beat." He did the job as uicely as could be. And rose, triuinphant, with the task complete. , . , Oried lie: "You're vary clumey, I ehould bhj! I plty peopla who are so unskilled." ud, as he spoke,he tripped and auickly lay Flat in the mud. Of course the milk wu spilled. Mauy a wan, by doiüg something neat, Is filled wtlh pride, which Roes befor Wil, And !eins by euccess thrown off hls fwt, Had bettet ne'er have gained sucwsb, l all.


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