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Experience With The Goat

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A Vinelaud, N. J., correspondent oí the New Yoik World has a good word for "the blessed little goat," whioh he nonsiders "ono of the most useful oL domestic animáis." A great many milcli goats are kept ín the suburbs of this city, mostly by tbc Irish and Germán laborera, who can appreciate the many excellent qualities of the animal, nor the least of which Í8 the fact that it costa nexc to notning i ng in winter, and iu aummer picks up ita own living aloi.j the margina of the railroad tracks, or on Ibe flits anJ marsbes svhicu surr-.'uud tbe city, but twenty linies away in the country, a goal i-i rtimost as luuch of a rarity aa an elephant. The World correspondent thua (ietails his experience: 1 have for the last ten or twelve years kept one ani sometirnes two. Thetr rnilk is flne, amooth, rich.and do milk is ao ,ood for babies and childreu, unless it be that kind wbicb my salnted mothar fltst introdueed to me just aeventy-une years ago. 1 keep my goat giving mük ene and a half or two years at a time before giving her a usual "vacation." When beglnaing with a new snpply, or on her "coming in" she gives a quart at a milking. A large goat will give doublé this quantity. They will narrow down as to quantity in the samt' way as will acow, and will pay as well and thoroughly for goodkeeping and kind treattnent Morning and evening in winter 1 give a pint of mixed bron and cornmeal and a quart of cut turnips or potatoea, bpaidoscornüUtlkn v !■ red clover. !n tin sumnaer I "tether" inlneout tverj day to feed on grasfi l,hey neert but Itttle eist'. As an ciniuiai, tliey are very iif it aud particular to hnvo tbeii food freah and nice. Lt ia a wonderful mistake that Míe pfoaT, can Iívp on niüsi uotbing and will eat auytliing - cbips, Bticks, oíd suspender and garters. II thereisone aaimal over Rnotber in daservingof a place ai Uie right baud of mortala it is the good-milkUig í',"-i. Mine has the very be3t uf caro, and on thia very mornlng al our breakfast table uay wifo sald (o ojh, "What slunilil we do. withüul ('ir liUle gualV"


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