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Go West, But--?

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Do nol go Westwiü) rtiHiiiily, uuless ' you have euougb money to tnake a fair start, ' Do riít borro w money t go Weat. ' Tli;. majority of those we have met in thelr WeBtern homes, who have failed, have beeu Uiose whti came oti borrowmey,.or without enough f unds to inauie a BfciKl-oft'. Attcr reading thia ailicle, select such región us yon tbink you will like best. People aenerally piefer tokeep in the same latitudO they have lived in. Go in tbe spring and gel acclimated. Take as llttle baggagennd aa few helflooms aapossible, Theycost muuey f or f reigbt and iu additlon are aptto be an incumbrance in a íiew lióme. Piovide youreelf witta asmall collection of good books for tbe family. If you are able to do o, you better flrst go out and explore before taking your family witu you. Do not attempt to explore too mucb. We have niet people beyond tbe Missouri rivei who bad visiled nearly all the Land Grants, and the more they had travelled, the inore unsettled they vvere as to where they should lócate. Decide apon your climate and locality, and then select your laad. IC you walt too long, you are apt to become ver.y tniich unsettled. Do not go West if you have a sick family. Change of olimate muy beuefit them, but it is not worth while to take the chances. Do uot go AVest expecting not fco be homesick, for your mowntain scenery, vour t'orests and your streaiHS which present such u contrast to the monotony ofendless prairies. It may bo very lonely at ilist, but you vvill Boon plant yourown tree, have pleasaut smroundings, and near neighbors. Do not go expecting to beoome rich iramediatoly. Soveral years of good crops may be required to place you la easy circumstances. J f yon are a clerk on a amall salary in the city, and have a few hundred dollar anead, glve up your clerkship, and strike out for the western lands. There ia no very grcat aiuount of experience required in cultivating these prairies, iï you havo abundante of money, settle on the. lands in the near West. if your funda are coinparatively limited, go on still further, where as good lands can lie purchased at lower figures


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