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Congressional Prayer

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We take tne ioJJowint; specimens ol prayer irom the Oberlin Evangelist, published iu 1842. That paper characterizes it as "clerical biaspheniy," and oritieües it with great severity. The ctlebrated J. Newland Maffit was (hen chaplaiu to the American Coogreas : SENATE PKAYEH. ■'O God! whilo the wing of the National Eagle shadows these Council Halls, and Washington, in pale, passionless marble, overlooks the debates in both houses of Congress, we beseech thee to overshadow tlie President and members of this Senate chamber with the wing of the Cherubim. Let the broad eye of thy Providence awe thero into reverence before tliee, and thy right arm be their protection forever - througk Jesns Christ, Amen." HOUSE PKAYEK. "God of the Pilgrims! The sons of those old departed wandciers and their soii'b sons are before tliee- them3elves now the fathers of seventeen millions of people- now thu counselors, whose voice is freedorn's law and power's warrant- be thou their God ind guide through life- thronath Jesu.) Christ. Amen." So it seerns that Attorney-General Brewster wears at his wrists lace rutfles. A newspaper corrcsjn ndent says that ais yiretty hands are in strange contrast to the BCarred lace. These are honorable sears, however, received when he was a mere child in savisg the üf'o Of his little sister. Her ipron caught flre on the nursery hearth, and the boy ru3hed at her and pressed out the ftre, savinjí ber at a fearful co3t to himself. It is said that since telegraph wires íave boen carried throughout Norway wolves have disappeared. It ia stated ;hat a wolf will not pass under a rope or line stretched between poles.


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