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The Two Gates

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A iili'rim once (so runs an ancient tale), Ötó, worn and spent, crept down a saadowOn eitherliand rose inountains bleak and CbHl was the gusty air, and dart "L f'g'' -■ie path was rugged, and bis feet, were biie, israded cheefe was seamed bj pain and iisCheavv eyes npon the ground were cast, And every step seemed feebier tUan the last. Tlie valley ended -where a naked rock Kose shefiifrom earth to üesTen, as íf lo l'liempilgrini wno liad eiept thal toilsonie But'w'hñe bis dim Kiid weary eyes essay To find au outlet, in the mountaln-s de A ponderous scaiptured, brazn dooi be AndPtottering towards it wlth fast-failing Abovede portal read, "The Uate of Death." He coHid notstay lúe feet, tbat led thereto: ít ytelded to his toueh.and.passlug. turough. He carne into a world all bríght and fair. Blue were the heaveue, and balmy was tue And, ÍÓ! the blood of yontli was in lus veins, And he was ciad in robes that held nostains Of bis long pilgrimage. Amaïed, he turned . Behold! a golden door behind him burned In that fair sunllgh, and hls wonderlng UTownsterfnl and elear as those new sities, SYee from the mists of age, of care and strife. Aboye the portal read. "The Gatk of Life.


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