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The Departure Of Tammany

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We shall lose some in New York County, and gain some- probably a net losa. We shall gain votes in every other of the sixty counties without compensating loss - and gain them in a ratio which only those who put their faith in the honesty of the pecple can foresee. This is not a Virginia, and no pool of Axthurs, Beldens, Kelly3 and Barbera can swing this Excelsior State into the mire of Mahoneism thre'dgh the medium of the ballot boxes. We do not underestimate the strength of those powerful Bepublicans. But we refuse to beliere that they are stronger than the combined honesty and manhood of the State. At any rate, we shall rejoice to see the thing put to the test next November. Utica Observer. The only question in New York politics just now appears to be whether it requires a microscope or a mere magniEying-glass to detect the difference beDween John Kelley's Tammany Democracy and actual Kepublicanism.- Philadelphia North American. Ex-Senator and Mrs. Thurman have left Washington to reside at their old home, Columbus, Onio. Sir James Simpsen in 1849 estimated that in England alone vaccination was the means of annually saving 20,000 lives, and at the same rate he inferred that in Europe 469,000 to 500,000 f ewer persons dieeach yearof small-pox thun did a half centmy previously.


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