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lection, but many republican paper in the state tliiuk he has held the position long enoujjh - yes too long, and the names of Hubbell, Burroughs and Gen. B. M. Cutcheon are beingmentioned in connection with the office. A. V. Johnson & Co., publishers of the Charlotte Leader, have sold their in-' terest to Frank A. Ellis. Mr. Ellis is a gentleman well known to the people of Eaton county, having been a resident of Charlotte for many years. He is a ready writer, a gentleman of ability, and under his management the Leader must continue to prosper. Shake, Frank. A number of students were overheard to remark Monday evening tliat The Democrat did not dare say anytbing against them. - Daily News. "Dare not" are words unknown to The Democrat, but whatever the New may say will not draw us into a wholesale abuse of studeats. We will leave that to the paper which is welcome to all the capital ít can make by pursuing such a policy. Thk Toledo Sunday Journal well says however we may question the propriety of Mr. Scoville giving to the public the letter written by her to Mrs. Garfield, in behalf of her wretchbd brother, Guiteau, no one will condemn the writing. It is the undying sister's love, imploring forgiveness of lts kind, even as it importunes the ear of God for the wretched object of its love. The sisterly affection manifested by Mrs. Scoville has been the only bright thread runniDg throughout the entire drama of shame and sorrow. C. B. Davison, pressman at the Courier office, returned from New York Monday, where he had been for several days learning how to run an electrotyping machine, which was recently purchased by Mr. Beal at an expense of several hundred dollars. - Akn Arbor Democrat. The lalter part of the above item is correct for our stereotyping machine ia running full blast and is turning out good work. Mr. Davison, however, has not been to New York, and has had no intention of going. The Democrat was entirely too previous in making the statement. Mr. Davison has depended entirely upon his own skill and ingenuity to place the machine in running order. - Courier. If Mr. Davison did not go to New York, we cannot understand his object in telling us that he had been there. But then this is not the flrat time persons in the Courier office have deliberately lied. When an article appeared in a certain paper in thia city denouncing the students of the university, we feit constrained" to take the students' part, for we believed they had been unjustly attacked. But the conduct of those who marched down town Saturday night, the second time tooting hom, and making the night hideous with their yells, was not exactly the right thiDg for them to do. If the parties think they can intimídate citizens, they may yet find out to their sorrow that it is not an easy matter. The citizens have rightswhich ungentlemanly students will be made to respect- they have been taught this bef ore. A prominent professor conversing with a Democrat reporter stated there were perhaps 50 loaiers in the university, and if he had his way, he would bounce every mother son of them. These fellows bring reproach upon the whole body of students, and the university is disgraced by their presence. It is only a few tlays ago that a great big fellow who prides himself on being a knocker, penned an insulting J etter, that was published in a city paper in which he abused the people of this place, and aired his grievances. A person of his standing, a man who is known to be a rowdy, should be the last one to attack reputable citizens. And he is one of the fifty the professor referred to.


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