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The Students Vs. The Daily News

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As was announced in The Democrat last week, the students of the different departments of the university held an indignatiou meeting in the law lecture room for the purpose of expressing their contempt for the paper that had so unjustly abused them. An immense crowd was present and several speeches were made relative to the proper course to be persued. A number of resolutions were read, and finally a committee was appsinted to report the same at an adjourncd meeting Friday af ternoon for adoption. THE RESOLUTIONS. Whereas, The Ann Arbor Daily News, in its issue of the 14th inst., makes certain charges against the students of the university, which, if true would not only be a disgrace upon the institution within whose honored walls we seek for knowledge, but would also brand us with well earned infamy; and Whereas, Not we alone are interested in the truth or falsity, of the charges, but also the homes which we have lef t and the people of the state of Michigan, the fair fame of whose university is attacked therefoie, Resolved, That we, the studeots of the university of Michigan, pledge our honor to the following declarations: 1. That the scandalous charges, one and all, are without even foundation of fact. 2. That so far from being rude and insulting to women, we believe ihat they themselves will bear us out in saying there is no city in the land where ladies are treated with more respect, and that by the students. 3. That we believe the students were not responsible for whatever of disturbance occurred at the opera house in this city on the evening of the 13th instant. 4. That rowdyism among us is unknown - a name, not a practice. 5. That these facts are known to every well informed citizens of Ann Arbor, thé editor of the News not excepted. 6. That if any ground for such charges have axisted during the present season, even in 3olated and individual cases, it is only without our approbation, but also without our knowledge. 7. That the charges cannot be made true by subsequently explaining that they were not meaut to apply to many; falsehood does not become truth by removinr half its falsity. 8. That whatever the motives of the author may have been, the charges are a calumny, in which every one with a good name is interested. Resolved, That we send to our homes the tidings that they are yet undisgraced: to tke people of Michigan that we are not unmindful of the privileges which their beneflcence affords us; to the public that, whatever Ann Arbor may have done for us, honor ha taught us to act like men. Mesolved, That these renolutions be gT en to the papers for publication, with luc request that they be not slower to publisli the good concerning us than to parade the evil. C. S. CAREINS, A. MIRES, A. T. PACKARD, L. JACKSON, H. P. HARD, Coinmittee. The neit day after the article appeared in the News, which was the cause of the diffculty alluded to, the paper came out with a second article endeavoring to SMOOTH MATTEKS over, by qualifying what it had already said. But the students didn't take kiudly to it, and from the abuse this paper has since heapedupon them, it was evidently thrown out as a "feeler." That loafers and rowdies are to be found in every community The Democrat will cheerfully admit, but when the News makes the sweeping assertion that youcg men, resident of this city or any other city are better behaved or conduct themselres in a more gentlemanly manner than the great body of students, it is so disgustingly absurd that commeut is almost unnecessary. In commenting on the article in the News, The Demockat feit AN ÏNJUSTICE had been doce the students, and in this there has been no change in opinión. To circuíate such a report, (when there was no foundation for it) naturally tends to prejudice people against the university. At a meeting in the law lecture room again Monday afternoon the students' committee appointed to inquire into the conduct of manager Hill, in relative to the opera house disturbance heretofore referred to in these columns, after due ïnvestigalion reported the following resolutions which were unanimously adopted: Whereas, We find that Mr. Hill was not present at the opera house when the difficulty commenced, and from the evidence furnished when he did arrive was not able to judgecorrectly, but slnce then has explained the matter to the satisfaction of all directly concerned; and Whereas, We find that he was in no way concerned in the puKlcatioo of the article which occurred in the Daily News therefore be it Resolved, That we, the committee, recommend that Hr. Hill be exonerated, and that that part of the resolutions previously adopted concerning our refusal to patronize Hill's opera house be and is hereby rescinded.


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