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Washington, Feb. 15.- Tlie Secreüiry of the Treasury to-day sent to the Rebate the manuscript of the commission on the cattle pingue. It is a very voluininous document, covering a hundred pages of fools-cap, and i3 a most exhaustivo history of the plague and a i consideration of its causes and treatment. For the extinction of this lung plague in inf ected districts, the commission consider it necessary that the authority intrusted withthat work should be clothed with the f ollowmg powers by law : To abolish and regúlate market and store cattle in the infected districta; to enjoin the slaughter at the fat markets in infected districtg of all cattle I entering those markets. (Fat cattle for slaughter elsewherecan be obtained I at the bonded market.) To prohibit all I movement of eattle in infected districts except under special license ; to inspect all cattle in sispected districts ; to Islaughter all iufected cattle, and, in j exceptional cases, those that have been I exposecl to infection ; to have the conI demned cattle appraised and the ers liberally indemmned ; to prevent au exposure of cattle on highways or in unfeuceá or inseeurely fenced places in nfected district or of suspected cattle on a lot adjoining one occupied by healthy cattle or bordering on a highway ; to prohibit the pasturage of more than one herd on one pasture unless under special license ; to disinfect all premises, fodder, and all other articles that have been presumably exposed to inf ection ; to instituto and enf orce such minor rules as shall be demanded by the peculiar conditions of particular districts. In order to carry out these suggestions the commission recommend a liberal appropriation by Congreas, to be disbursed by some designated Federal officer. In case the work i3 delegated to the different states the commission advise that a liberal appropriation be made from the Federal exchequer sufflcient to cover the greater part of the outlay, and that this bepaid over to the executive of the infected state on approval by a veterinary sanitary organization, desiguated for the purpose. The commission consisted of James Law, E. F. Thayer and J. II. Sanders.


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