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Cook Robin's Wooing

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PABT I. One day- 'twas in the early Spring- Quite tired of single Ufe, Coek Robin sahl wiUiln hlmself. 'I'll take to rae a wle.' He liew into an apple-tree, Aud merrily dia slag. Till all the wooëlan&s far arouud With melody did ring. The trutli was, Robin's bright eye saw Jenny was perched above, And so he etrained hls litlle ttaroat To warble forth hls love. Jenny looked down on him askafice. Pretending to be shy ; Bat BobiD only londer sang . He thought that ahe was sly. And so it proved ; he pressed his guit, And presscd it not in valn ; Jeuny began to twitter too, And answer back agAin . So Bobin and his Httle wife Togethír flew away, Oarroling forth their notes orjoy Throughout the üvelong da. They were indeed a uierry pair, Never one word oí strife; No happier creatures dwelt on earth Than Robin and his wife ! PART II. Now lo asniíling valley near, A huinble cottage stood ; A sparkling streamlet winding by, From out a neighbouring wood: Ana od tli e margin oftue brook A linie rose-bush grew. Said Bobin.'WherecouId bettcr be A home for me and you ? Jenny agrend right wlllingly, Sotherejthey built theirnest; They laboured hard from mom tlll eve, And hardly stopped to rest. Togettaei' liere and there tliey flew To gathcr moss and hay ; And wben the nest was quite complet, Three eggs withln it lay . Upon them ever warm and snug, t Jenny Uay and nlght, Whllo Robln alwaye brought her food, And sang wltb all hls might. And when the stars began to peep, And evening stiaoes carne on, Robln crept iu by Jenny's sláe To trilt his even song. One day a storm began to rise, The wind blew loud and shrill ; The swolleu stream came rusliing on, In torrente down the hlll. And louder still the tempest roared ; The waters rose so high, They swept around and still a round The little rose-bush nigh. They lashed and tore it from the bank. No longer bright and green, While Kübin. flutterlng overhead, Still following wa& seen. His home was gone- those pretty eggs ! What joy had he in lire ? But more than all he sorrowed for His loving little wife.


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