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The Appropriation Bill

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The appropriatiori bilí which passed the house by a vote oi' 162 to 104, and which will undoubtedly be the law of apportionment, shows that the representation of the western states is increased by 3eventeen new members, that of the southern states by flfteen new members. In the east there is a shifting of representaron, as follows: Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylyania gain three members, lost by Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Chirteen states neitlier gain nor lose. Twenty-two gain, and three lose. Texas makes the largest gain, by increasng lier representation from six to eleven. Kansas gains four; California, owa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, nd South Carolina each gain two; Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, tfassachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Carolina,Ohio, Pennylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Visconsin gain one each. THE ANTI-POLYGASIY BILL. The anti-polygamy bill passed by a iva voce vote as it carne from the ommittee on the judiciary. It proides that any person guilty of polygmy shall be punished by a fine of ot more than $500 and by imprisonment for a term of not more than five ears;but the provisión shall not exend to any person by reason of any ormer marriage, whose husband or wife by such rnarriage shall liave been bsent for five successive years and is not known to siich person to be living, nd is believed by such person to be ead, nor to any peison by reason of ny former marriage, which shall have )een dissolved by valid decree of a ompetent court, nor to any person by eason of any former marriage which ball have been pronounced void by valid decree of a competent court on ;he groand of nullity of marriage conract. No polyganiist, bigamist, or any peron cohabiting with more than one woman, and no woman cohabiting with ny of the persons described as aforeaid, iii any territory or other place over whieh the United States has exclusive urisdiction shall be entitled to vote at ny election held in any such territory r other place, or be eligible for elecion or appointment to or be entitled to ïold any office or place of public trust, ïonor or emolument in, under or for any such territory or place, or under he United States. In any prosecution for bigamy, polygamy, or unlawful coliabitation under any statute of the United States, it shall be sufficient cause of challenge to any person drawn or summoned as a uryman or talesman, that he is or has )een living in the practice of bigamy, olygamy or unlawful coliabitation with more than one woman. The children of polygamous marriages are deelared legitímate. All reg ïstration and election offices of every deseription in the territory of Utah are declared vacant, and each and every duty relating to the registration of voters the eonduct of elections, recieving or rejection of votes, and the canvassing and returning of the same, and issuing of certificates or other evidenees of election in said territory shall, until other provisions be made by the legislative assembly of said territory, be performed under the existing laws of the United States, and of said territory, by the proper persons, who shall be appointed to execute such offices and perforui such duties, by a board of five persons, to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, not more of whom than three shall be members of one political party, and a majority of whom shall be a quorum. . 1 With the Chinese, the lily is the naLional ilower, and many superstitions are attached to it. Should it blossom upon Kow Year's Day it is regarded as a happy omen, predicting the best luck to the fortúnate owner of the plant. For this reason a good deal of care is bestowed upon the lily by the Ch ñaman, in the hope that it may put forth its flower on the morning of the anniversary. The Chinese lily is different f rom any other variety. It is grownby placing the bulb on pieces of window glass, stone and china, and giving it a liberal supply of water. The ilower is white, with a gold colored centre, something between a daisy and a narcissus, lts fragrance is delightful. The first ironclad battle-ship of the Chinese navy was lately launched by the Vulcan Company, at Stettin, at the mouth of the Oder. The ship is ealled the Ting-Yuen, or the Everlasting Teace, and is a turret corvette of the flrst rank, with compound armor of English steel and iron. Both turrets are armed with twelve-inch compound plates, and the t'our 30 L centimeter guns which they have can deliver broadsides simultaneously. On the deck, in addition, are eight other guns from Herr Krupp's foundry at Essen. The same company has a contract to build another ship of the same kind for China. Postïiaster General Howe has made a strong appeal to postmasters to aid the Army of the Cuinberland Society in erecting a monument to General Garfielb. A mere tithe from each of these vvould add ïnagnificent y to what hia late eomrades piopose íor hla honor. It is nw c ceded by scientists that a portion of Kansas and the three adjoining states - Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri - were once covered by a fresh water lake, which recieved numerous rivers and streams. The sediment deposited by them in thickness does nat vary much from 150 feet.


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