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Death Of Prof. Zelotes Truesdel

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Professor Zelotes Truesdel , secretary of tbe couuty board of school exaininers o Washtenaw county, died at bis residence in tbis city on Sunday morning tbe 26tb insl. Prof. Truesdel was born in Steuben Co., N. Y., in the year 1829, and resided there utitil be bad attained the age of fourteen years, when his párente removed to Michigan, and settled in Livingston Co. near Whitmore Lake. He entered the university of Michigan and graduated in tbe class of '57, beiug a classmate of the lamented Watson. His first experience as a teacher, his chosen profession, was in IllinDis wiiere he taught f or seven years after graduation- thence returning to Michigan, he was for a penod of nine years superintendent of schools of the city of Flint, and the high reputalion of tbat celebrated school aud the excellent scholarsnip of its alumni at tbat period, are hoing monuments of his ability and zeal. Fot a space of nearly two years after leaving Flint Prof. Truesdel had charge of the state public school at Coldwater, under appointment of Got. Bagley and the board of control. He then returned to Ann Arbor. After a short stay hero he was called to the superintendency of the schools at Pontiac, in whicfe charge he remained four and one-half years and again returned to Ann Arbor in the fall of 1881. Upon the assembling of the board of township superintendents in this city Prof. Truesdel was elected one of the county board of school exaininers, of which board, on its orijauization he was elected secretaiy, and held that position at the time of his death. Professor Iruesdel was a man of ïare nlellectual endowments and as an instructor of youth, he had few, if any, equals. Many a young man and woman, standing to-day upon the thresuold of active life, or already passed within its portals, can bear witness to the remarkable tact and unerring skill with which he led their steps on the pursuit of knowledge. His perseptions were almost intuitive, and by long experience and careful scholarship he reached conclusión with almost logical exactness. Talent found in him a joyful recognition, and a hearty God speed wheu it essayed the etormy sea of life; while with kiurtly voice and helping hand he lifted the less farored mind out of its despondency, placed the scope of its possibil ities bef ore it, urged to ("ideayor and led to victory. To those upon whom Prof. Tiuesdell had completed his labors as teacher, the announcement of his death will come with keenest fcorrow; for next to the lore of child for parent is the affectiou of the puuil for a beloved teacher. Our gister cides where he has lived and lahored (vill mourn with us in a commoa berearement. But it is to Washtenaw county, at this time, that the loss of Prof. Truesdel is a calamity to be deplored. No man sare Ihose who were admitted to his intnost councils, can fathom the incalculable benefit, which would have arisen to the public schools of this county under bis experienced management. But themethod and painstaking zeal with which he entered upon and sustained thearduous and technical duties of secretary of the board of examiuers, give an intimation of the system hc had in view which would ere long, have placed our primary schools in the van of educational advancement. Politically Prof. Trucsdel was a democrat of unswerving loyalty to the party of Jffferson and thej fathers. Thrico the highest delégate assemblage of his party bas bonored itself, as well as him, by plasing his name on the state ticket for superintendent of public instruction. Thrice with tbis republican state, be has entered the lists " for honor if not for victory " The democratie party of Michigan, mindful of tbat system of public instruction, fasbioned by its wisdom and nurtured by its love, of whicb Zelotes Truesdel was the able advocate and cbampion, will record his loss with sorrowful hearts, for of such as he il well raay say, " O et praesidium et dulce decug meuin. " A prominent gentleman of Cerro Gorio county, Iowa, writes usthathe finds Kidney-Wort to be the best remedy he ever knew for a compheation of diseases. It is the specific action which it bas on the liver, kidneys and bowels, wbich gives it such curative power, and it is the thousands of cures which it is performing wbich gives it its great celcbrity. Liquid (very conceutratud) or dry, botü act efflciently. Mrs. Jane Grey Swisshelni has been proposed aa a member of the Chicago healtu board. If the small pox bears of tbis it will at once flee bowling away iu terror. 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