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Real Estate Transfers

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Tlie füllowing are the transfers of real estáte for the week ending Wednesday, March 15 : WABItANTY DEEiS. Jno. Wal lace to Wm. A. Fisli, 165 acres sec 7 Lynaon, $4,500. Abram Filkius to las. M, 3weeting and D. B. Northrop, 20 acres sec 36, Superior, $600. Milton Reynolds to Jacob Lulz, 4 acres sec 22 and 28 Saline, $200. Wm Bush to G. J. Pease, 15 1-20 acres Ann Arbor town, $1,500. Jeremiah Lawton to Lyman Wright, lot in Dexter village, $300. John Bebb to Levi (Jhumberlaiu, property in Ypsilanti, $40. Pounlain Watling to Berry Watling, 80 acres sec 20 Ypsilanti, $2,000. John Kuehl to John Kuehl, land in sec 17, Freedum, $2,000. Lewis Kluneuiger to Conrad Voyt, 70 acres sec 4 Lima, $5,500. Russel Mills to Annie Wood, property in Saline village, $300. Richard Snell to Michael Weinman, 40 acres sec 2 Lima, $2,150. Jno. Logan to Wm. Burtless, 40 acres gec 16 Manchester, $1,000. Ruinl Mills to Mary Batey lot in Saline $500. John George Richert to John Jacob Richert. 5 acres sec 32 Scio, $300. Edward C. Comeskey to Daniel Maroney, 20 acres sec 16 Norlhfleld, $340. George Kirkpaugh to l'eter S. Waldro 120 acres sec 36 Manchester, $9,000. David Rockwell to Frederick Weidemyer, 40 and 1-2 acres sec 31 Lima, $3,400. William Emerkk to George D. YTiard, 129 acres sec 12 Ypsilanti, $7,710. George D. Wiard to Edwin Vorce, 80 acres sec 12 Ypsilanti, $4,200. Parmenio Davis to Wm. Nelson, 40 acres sec 31, Lima, $3,400. FraDk Wood to Seilick Wood, lot in Ann Arbor, $500. Lydia A. Clark to Warren Kimble, property in Manchester village, $600. Maria B. Field to the trustees of the M. E. church of Dexter, lot in Dexter, $900. Isaac T. Braman to Wm. II. Warren land in York $5,000, Albert F. Vanalta to Eugene Donovan, land in sec 12 Northrield, $3,100.