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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the transfers of real estáte for the week emling Wednesday, March 29 : TVABRANTY DKEKS. Jno. Claucy to Nelsou J. Kyer and Andrew Petersou, lot corner Fourth and Aüq street, Anu Arbor. $1,500. G. Lewis Fritz to Jno. L. and Lewis Writz, 53 acres sec 24 Scio, $4,400. ilyland H. Honeywell to Newton E. Crittenden, 80 acres sec 24 Ypsilanti, $5 - 000. Charles C. Collins to Evan D. Owens, laud in sec 13 Ypsilanti, $5,400. Wm. A. Graham to Milo Baldwin, 20 acres sec 11 Sylvan $1,000. Wm. B Martin to Louisa J. Dewey lot in Ypsilanti, $3,500. Christian Wetzeí to Jno. C. Binder, property in Ann Arbor, $2,425. Thos. Eagle to Jno. Harris 40 acres sec 9 Webster, $1,200. Jno. Dillon to Jno. Dolan, 80 acres sec 29 Webster, $1,600. Noble Gilmore to the Detroit Butler & St. Louis R R., land in Augusta, $13. Enoch G. Cook to George Heimerdinger, 172 acres sec 8 aud (J Manchester, $10,000. Christian Eberbach and E. Mann, to Jno. Jacob Fisher, lot 7 b 1 Ormsby & Page's add Ann Arbor, $860. John Jacob Fisher to E. Mann, lot 6 and s 1-2 lot 5 Bach & Brown's add Ann Arbor, $1,000. John Nagel to Goltleb Ludke, 20 acres sec 24 Augusta, $360. Warren G. Vinton to Walter A. Robison, land in Ypsilanti township, $5,000. John F. Spafl'ord to Gecre Heldinger, 20 acres sec 18 Manchestei, $1,200. Mary VanDegrift to Lydia Martin, 28 acres sec 18 Bridgewater, $1,400. John Burkhardt to Augustus Baua, lot in Manchester $250. John F. Spalïord to Jacob lluber, land in sec" 6 Manchester, $2,800. Chas. E. Bogardus to Mark Marken, 40 acres sec 8 York, $1,400. Frederick Paul to Nelson Sutherland, land in sec 32 Ann Arbor city, $1,000 Samuel W. Cooper to Ludwig Rank, 140 acres sec 25 and 30, Grass Lake and Sylvan, $11,200. Koch & Haller have lust received again a full line of the CELEBRATED WHITNEY BABY CARRIAGES, which they sell al remarkably low prices. The slightest excess of expenditure over iucome is poverty, and the slightest excess of incoine over expenses is wealth. Bucklin' Aenica Salve. - The best salve in the worla for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Sall Rheiim, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblaius, Corns, auü all kiuds of skin Eruptions. This salvo s guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every case or the money refunded. tMce 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son, Aun Arbor, Mich. The woman that maketh a good pudding a silence is better thun slie who miketh a tart reply. Write to Mrs. Lydia E. Piukham, 233 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass., for pamíhlets relativo to the curativo properties of her Vegetable Compound in all témale complaints. It was their first night aboard the steamer. "At lust," he said teuderly, we are all alona, oulupon the deep blue sea, and your heart will always beat for me as it has in the past!" "My heart's all right," she snswered lauguidly, "but my stomach - it leels awful!" A Vexkd Clkb&yman. - Eveu the wtience of Job would become exhb.usted were he a preacher and endeavoring to nterest nis audiance while they were ceeping up au iucessantcoujjhing makiiig t impossible for niin lo be heaid. Yet, low very easy can ill this 'oe avoided by siinply usiDg Dr. Kiug's New Discovery 'or Consumption, Coughs aud Colds. Trial bottles given away at Eberbach & Son's drug store. Skinny Men. - Wells' Health Renewer. Absolute cure for nervous debility nul weakness of the generative functious. $1 at druggists. Micb. Depot, JAMES Ij. DAVIS & CO„ Detroit, Mich .