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Real Estate Transfers

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The f oi lo w ing are the transfers of red estáte for the week onding Wednesday, April 12 : WAHKANTY DEK S. Lucia Ellon to Jas. M. Wicks, propery in Ypsilanti, $300. E. E. Beal to Etta L. Ferdon, Ann Ar or city proparty, $3,100. Lyinan 1). Morris to Rafel Kapp. prop rty in Ypsilanli, $,1000. Eraely E. Stone to Charles F. üumper, ot in Manchester, $150. Wm. A. Crandall to Sarah J. Bailev, propertyin Ana Arbor, $2,400. Louisa It. Wrieht to Richard Snell, lot 3 b 2 Eastern add Aan Arbor, $2,200. George C. Ricuell to Louis Z. Koster, t al.iroperty in Ypsilanti, $471.55. Addison Fletcher to Lizzie Tuttle, property in Y'psilanti, $400. Jay Everett to Peter Forner, 80 acres ec 15 Sharon, $2,650. Wm. E. Sanderson to Henry Deiby bire, land in sec 2 Augusta, $3,000. Aaron Phelps to Geo. F. Smith, 40 eres sec 10 Superior, $1,610. Anman A. Phelps to Mury Ann Pbelps, iroperty in Dexter Village, $.743.76. Sarah J. Kraus to Wm. Kulz, property n Ann Arbor, $550. Francis McMahon to Jas. McMahon, 1 and 1-2 acres, sec 31, Northfield, $l,0u0. Sarah Staebler to Michael Staebler, and in Ann Arbor, $550. Franklin D. Cummings to Abram F. Jurdau, n 1-2, e 1-8, s e 13, sec 30 and 32, Lima, $6,000. Hoiatio Burch to Wm. Freeman, land in sec 4 Manchester, $2,000. lloratio Burch to Wm. Freeman, land in sec 4 and Í), Manchester, $10,000. P. W. O'ïoole to Josepb T. Jacobus, property in Ann Arbor, $2,200. Juo. McColluin to Wm. McCollum, land in sec 36, Bridgewater, $200. Susan A. Chaudler to Lillie A. Chandler, 102 acres, sec 3, Pittsfield, $2,000. Augustus Butler to Lambert A. Barnes, property in Ypsilanti, $300. Geo. W. Fairbrotber toLewisE. Childs undivided 1-2 of lots, $250. Wm J. Parks to Ckarles P. Walker. 2 acres Salem, $600. James Kime to James Fullcr, 9 acres Augusta, $300. Patrick Sullivan to Felix Dunlavy, 40 acres, Webster $2,300. Otis C. Johnson lo Mary J. Johnson, lot Ann Arbor city, $533.33. Timothy Collins to Ellen Kruder, 40 acres, Saline, $1,500. David K. Dell to W. Wallace Dell, 90 acres Augusta $4,500