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The Woman Of The Three Cows

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"Oh, Wonianof TbreeCowa, ajixb,;: dou't iet your longue thus r.ittle; Oh, flou't beeauey, dou't lj stiiï, bwsaan you muy ha?e cattie. IV? senn - and heiii's my hand t jou, 1 only gay wliit'a true - A many a oae wilh twict yonr stock n-t bilf so prouil as )nu. (I.xhI . liitfk t you, don'i. Boom Hif o, Qd h ihlrdeeptoer; Poi worWly ww.Illi snou melis , acd ■hrs tu vry miser; Pil (Itvitli Buoa stops Ui [irouilMl reath from hiiughty bnmaa browu. ThHudaii'tbesliff and doD't tm proiul, ;!ood Wou an of lltiMCowtl 8e wiiere Mitmodii'DheroeB He, proud Owen Mor'fl citeoendauti; ' J U they tbat won the glorióos name and bad thfl grand attcdante! irtlity werehuved to bow io Fate, as every mortal bowe. Can yon be proud, can ynu he Btiff, iny Woman of T(i!(w COWS? The brave sous of the Lord of ülari, tiiey left tho laúd tu iDonruiiig; Movitoue!+ tor Uiey wcre b:iDÍ8b(), willi uo hope of tbeir returuiuK- Who ktiows ia what atiodes oí want these youtus weredriven to house! Yet you can give yourselvee these airp, Oh, VVomau of Three (Jows! Oh, think of Doanell of the shlps, lhe chief whotn nothine; dannted - Sse howhe feil in distant Spain, uachronicled, uncbanted! He sleeps, the great O'Sullivan, wherethunder cannot rouBe - Then aek yourself, should you be proud, good Woman of Three Gowa? O'Ruark, Maguire, those bouIb of fire, whosa uames are ehriaed in story. Think how their high acbievements onoe made Erin's great glory ; Yet now their bones lie mouldering under weeds and cypress boughs. And so, for all your pride, will youre, Ob, Woinan of Three Co we! Th' O'Carrolle, also, fained when fauxe was only for the boldest, Rest in forgottea sepulchres with Erwin's best and oldest; Yet who so great as they of yore in battle or carouse? Just think of that, and hlde yonr head, good Woman of Three Cows! Your neighbor's poor, and you it seems, are big with vain ideas, Because, inaghlt you've got three cows- one more, I see, than she has; That tongue of yours wags more at times ttian charityallows- But if you'restrong, be merciful, great Woman of Three Cowb! Now, there you go! You still, of cours, keep up your scornf ui hearing, Andl'm too poor to hinder you; but, by the uloak I'm weaing. If I had butfour cows myeelf, even though you weie my spouse, l'd thwack youwell to curse your pride, my Woman of Three Cows!" My love. tAlae! JForsooth.


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