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1. A postmaster is required lo a;; ve notice by letter (returning a papet ioes not auswer tlie law) when a subscriber does not take bis paper out of the office, uncí note the reasons fo'r its not being laken. Any neglect to do bo makès tbs postmast er responsible to the publishers tor paynient. 2. Any persoD wbo takes a paper from the postomce, whether directed lo bis name oranotber, or whetber ke bas snbscribed or uot, is responsible for thn pay. 8. If a person orders bis paper discontinued be must pay all arrearages, or the publislicr may continue to send it until payment s made, and collect the whole atnouDt, wliether il be taken from the office or not. There can be ni legal discontinuaoce unlil the paymeut i.-; u.a le. 4. If the subscnbei orders Lis paper to be stopped at a tertain time, and ibe publisber continúes to aend ü, the subscriber is bound to pay for t. if he tuke it out ot the postofflee. Tiie law proceeds upoo thegrouud tbal a unanmust pay tor what n; uses. 5. The courts have decided that refusiqg to take a newspaper and periodicals fi-om the postolflce, or removiiiK aid leaviii theui uncalled for is prima fade evideuce o f inlciitiouiil fraud.


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