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Koch & Haller, the well known FUR NITURE DEALERS, have received thi thirdlot of tbose celebrated WHITNEY BABY CARRIAGES. Au Iridian chief while in Washington was laken lo see a burlesque show. Af ter the performance he reinarkert through an interpretar, that the great father was very kind to send the poor Indians blan kets when they were so uiuch ueeded a home. Answku tuis, - Can jou fiud a case o Bnghl'è Disease of the Kidaeys, Diabetes, Uriuary or Liver Complaint thtit is curable, that Hop Bitters has not or can iiot cure? Ask your neighbors if they can. "What are your amuscments tfais spring?" asked a country cousin oí her city cousiu whom she had come up to visit lor a few days. ' 'Showing my house to idle people who pretend they want to buy H," reuiarked tlie city aousm sweetly. The kidneys are nature's sluice-wuy to washout the debris of our eoustautl)' chanaing bodies. If they do uot woik properly the trouble is feit elsewhere. Then be wise.aud as souu as you see signs of disorder get a package of KldueyWort and take it iaithiully. Ilwill clean the sluice way of sand, gravel or sliuie iiid purify.tbe whole system. Druggists sell it, bol h liquid and dry, and il is iquaily elücient in eitlier forui. - Independent. According to the Chicago Tribune tlie late Mr. Darwin "has passed to a world where all the problema that occupied his busy brain are now clear to him." It this be true Mr. Darwin must now be a very ïnuch surpiised man. JiutKLiN' Árnica Salve. - The best salve in tlie worla tor Cuts, Bruises, Sores, LTlceis, Salí Rheuni, Fever Öores, Tetter, Cliapped Hands, Chilblaius, Gorus, and all kinds of skin Erupüous. This salve 8 guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every case or the nioiiey refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, llich. C, irters cosling $1,200, for brides are .lic latest wrinkle. üreat Scottl Paintng Ihe lilies! ! Flingiug perfume to tlie violils I ! ! What the deuce cares the grooiu lor the garters? - Cheboygau Dcmocrat. Frïïk op cnAHGE. - All persons sufferng trom coughs, culds, asthma, bronchiis, loss of voice, or any affection of the hroat or lunes, re requested to cali at iberbacl) ik bon's drug store and get a rial bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery Consumption, free of charge, whicli vill convince them of its wonderful merts and show what a regular dollar-size bottle wiil do. Cali early. 'It cost oíd David Swing, of Iowa, in lis eighty-tbird year, $3,000 to kiss his lired girl-, Better had it been possible to ave swtuig her for a partner. JIrs. Sarah J. Van Buren, of 192 Frankin St., Buffalo, N. Y., whose portrait aplears in another column of this paper, is ireparinga "Ladies' Tonic" which bas )roved a blessing indeed to many a woru out wiie or molher. The sensitiveness of voman's organization makes hei more susceptible to disease than man, andthere has been a lonir feit want among ladies for something which would overeóme those many weaknesses so common to the sex, and assist nature in building up a shattered constilwtion. This Mra Van Buren's "Ladies' Touic ' bas oever failod to do. An American optician has adopted a representation of the sun as a Irade-mark - probably on account oí its specs. Bewake oí' Fiíauds. - The original and on ly genuine "liougli ou Rats" is manufactured by and has the n.iine of liphriam S. Wells, Jersey City, N. J ., on eucli box. He euip'oys uo traveling agenta nor peddlers. The Chineman who thought he was Arnericanized enough to squeeze a Texas girl's hand on t lie sly, luis departed fo sorne quiet place in tiie bilis wuere he ca plek sixty bird shot out of bis legs. - Fre Press. "liouoir on IÏAT8." - The Ihing dcsiret found at last. Ask druggists for "Koug on Hats." It clean out rats, nuce, roach es, (lies, beü-bugs, 15c. boxes. Soineboüy wants a honey store estab lished in every lown. lu Louisville th dry -goods stores have all been eulurgei to make room for sweetness. - Louisvill Courier-Journal. Skinny Men. - Wells' Health Rexiewei Absolute cure for nervous debilily un weakuess of the genera ti ve funclious. $ at drugffists. Micli. J)opot, JAMES Ji. DA VIS & CO., DeUoit, Mich. A Florida Indian, having bought sewing machine and watched ítsworking carefully, kicked bis wife out of door with the remarle, " Need squaw no more ! A civilized mau feels more hke kickin, tlie sewiug-maohine agent out doors.-.Ne Haven Register. Grigg's Gi.yckrine Salvk. - The bes on earth can truly be said of Grigg's Gij cerine Salve, which is a surecura lor cuto brutees, scalds, burns, vvouuüs, and a other sores. Will positively cure pilettetter, and all skin eruptious. Salisfac tion guaranteed or nioney refunded. Unl 25 cents. For saie by Eberbach & Sou. A Journal says that "Titan red hair i to be, lúe iavonte shade during tiiis sei sou." It differs froru the poü-tition ree Uue is worn on the uoe aud the olher o the heud. But how a black-haircil dam sel is goiug to dye her tresses red, is wha puzzles us. - Nomstown iíerald. A World Wakts Pboof. - "The proo: of the pudding is thueating thereof," auc not in chevviug the-string whicü tied Ui bag. Theretore, take Dr. Jones' liet (Jlover Touic. lt cures all blood dUorüei lorpid liver, sick headache, cosliveness anü all diseases of ihe urinary órgano The best appetizer aud touic known. Solt by Eberbacü ifc Öon. Kifty cents per bo tle. ________ Ladies wishing Hair goods of Oma meut.s will nnd it to their advantage t examine my stock before lookiug else where. 1 have just received an ek'gan assortineut of Jet and Pearl Ornament for the iiair that will ecel anytiiing eve before seen in Aun Albor. Geuuiu Wlniby Jet Coinbs, Jet Crowus, Jet, liub ber, fcieel and Gilt Bandeaus and Sid Gombs and French Hair Pms. I hav also a large and fuilassortmeut of Switch es, Broadway Waves, Opera Goquettes and all the latest styles of Crimps, Frizzös etc, f rom which to choyse. Switchc made to order. Dressing Hair for partit a Öpecialty. Give me a cali and you wi be uure lo find just what will suil you. MR8. l. n. prrcu. Auj' one having a nice family hort weighing 1,001) pounds, canfina ücuston er by addresslng Bax 475 Aun Albor. For Sai,k. - A house aud lot on Pacl ard street lor sale. Good locution. li quire at this oftice. Niágara Lager Beer is highly recon ineuded for Medicinal Pdrposes. Fo sale only bytHenry Bmder. Ladies in need of Dress Goods ough not to thi ik of buying untü tbey huve ex auiined 1. all & Aule's Immense Stock. Invalida and those who are fond of glass of beer, di i uk Niágara Lagei. ileur Binder bas u ou tap, fresh cool.aud niet Soldiers, Atteution' !! Jlilo B. Steven & Co. , the well kuown War Claim Atto Dèys, will be represented at Ann Arbor Friday and Saturday, Juue 2 aud 3, b their special agent, Frank 1. DarJinj Soldiers and oüiers intcrested in claiui for pension, increase of pension, or olüe claims, it is boped will give him a cal Mr. Darling will be at the oftice of ih county clerk. Bach & Able's Button Stock must b seen to be appreciated. Fon Sale.- A house aud three acres o: land on (be corner of North iUaiu anc Chubb streets neir the City Mills, know as the Wildt property. There is a gooc bain aud plenty of good water ou Ui place ; also an orchard of .'0 trees of al kinds of fruit. For particulars in-iuii of N. H. Drake or E. G. Wildt, Th property will be sold at a bantain. For Sale - Evergreens - Norwa Sprucc 4 to 10 feet high. Apply at Cous m's Greenhouse. More than a thousand styles of Fancj Collars to select from at Bach & Able's. Koch & Haller hope to sell a large num ber of baby carnages- their new lot ju received. Black Bob- The Imported Stallion wiü be at the Leonitrd House barn ou Sut urday of each week. For fine tiiughtuns go to Bach & Able's where you eau flnii inore styles lo seleo trom thau áll the.other stores together. $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 and $2,500 to loan. Office over Brown & Co's. dru-, store. JAMES McMAHON, Attorney and Soücitor. For Sale.- Two and ooe-half acres of land on Ualdwin avenue. Apply to J. B Davis, box 1310, Aun Arbor. New organ, nine stops, fine tone, $65 casll. Sevea octave piano, SPLKNDU; HÜSKVV VOD CASE, fourruiiud corners carved legs, cost $700, only $15t) casli. (ÏREAT HAHGAIN. Cali iuime.üately at Wilsoy's Music títore. Cady's Catarrli liemedy.a sure cure for cataiTii, is lor sale at Hoiuico' drug store, Uook liotel 'jlock. liobcit Tidswell, calsoioinur and whitewasher, is open lor jobs. All work will be done witli piouiptuess. Wantkd.- A good girl can find steady employmeiit iu tlie country, two aud a lialt miles lrom tliis city. Slie will bot be obliged to do tuk washinö. Pluce easy. l-'or pai ticulars iuquire at M. E. Qoodrich's, East Aun ai., Auu Arbor, Mich. Imus pays cash for live chickens. A. F. üarrow, the 10 cent bus man, akes orders at Holmes' druj slore in the Jook house block. Byrou (ireen having regained bis leakb, offers his services a auctioneer. iesidence coruer of Fourth and Aun Sis., Aun Arbor. iMroiri'ANT to travelebs. - Special nducemeuts are offered you by the Bun ..ington Route, lt will pay you to read heir advertisemeut fouud elscwhere in his issue. ADDISON G. McKEAN, A TTORNEY AND COUNSELOR at Law. OfX V. fice with John F. Lawreuce, Opera House Moek, Ann Arbor, Mich. ffC n ff Of! per day at home. Samples Iü iU 4ZU woi-th $5 free. Address Stiiison & Co., Portland, Maine. GiYeaMWDrïIore The Old Crenville Stand, No. 5 South Main St. EVERYTHING NEW AND FRESH! Prescriptions Compounded Day and Night.


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