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Additional local oa secoad page. James. Kitson is ia Englanti, B. Frank Bower is iu the city. Ex-mayor Smith is in Wisconsin. Soon the poütical cauldron will boil. Guiteau wül be hung the 30th of June. Mrs. K. Jewett has returned to Buffalo. F. StofTlit istalking of opeuinga general store. The eounty Baptist associaüon metesterday. Fr. Fierle will preach in Poutiac next Sundaj . Sam Morse is doing an immense tonsorial trade. "Doe" Kenhiiin eontemplates nwving westward. The couit-yard fend has been painted. The posts. Gilbert Bliss left for New Mexico Muiiday night. Look out for the 22ad and 23rd st the opera house. Peaehes were Injured ly the frosl Monday night. Geo. Monroe will start for Kansas the first of the week. The Byeraft trial drew the usual number of sight seers. La Motte receivcd a large iuvoice of groceriesyesttrday. Jas. Rhoda.late of Kansas, has gold hia place on State streel, A. L. Noule is able to be at hifi store a portion of eacli day. A row boat was stolen from Frauk Hangstcrfcr last week. j. R. Sage has moved his music store to the opera house block. Dr. Breakey is a delégate to the Amercan medical convention. Deputy clerk Wade returned from Boston Tuesday evening. L . J. Fiske and W. D. Crosby were ad' mitted to the bar Monduy. The District lodge of I. O. G. T. will convene in this city June 10. R. E. Frazer will deliver tke decoratíon address at Napoleon May 30. Judge Page, of Dexter, was in the city Tuesday oa professional business . Monroe Swartout is building a $1,200 house oa the South Ypsilanü road. Z. Sweet and Earle Knighl took in the base ball game in Detroit Tuesday. A. Kearney atteaded the funeral of Wilüani Costello, in Dexter Friday. Judge Beakes is very tow. The doctors prouounce his disease incurable. The trial of young Bycraft was commenced in the circuit court Monday. Father Baumgartner will offleiate at Öt. Thomas Catholic c huren Suuday. Edrnund Condón, an old resident of Pittsfield, died Friday in his 71st year. One hundred and thirty-three dogs bark in the third ward every morning. R. E. Frazer has been appointed by Judge Joslin to defend Martin L. Kice. The contract lor building the sixth ward school house will be let Saturday. Thos. Clarken lost a valuable cow Monday night. tíhe ate lier herself to death. Wm. Stanbro has been appointed administrateur of the estáte of Louisa Louis. 8. D. Allen is preparing to buiid a ucw house ou the south side of the umversity. Mrs. Marión Baxter addreesed a largfc audience in the. Uiiitaiiau chureh Suuday. A iiumber of gipseys attracted corisiderable attention ou Huron streel Tuesday. Sed James is building a numut-r of handsome monument in Forest hill Cemetery. Monson Bliss is a palace car conductor, aud runs trom Chicago to St. Louis, Mo. Miss Cavrie Watts entertained the fresh. man class of the university Friday evening. Edwin Willita is a candidato for reelection to Congress. Three times and out. Mack Sclimid shipped a car load of dried apples to tlie easteru market Moaday. F. P. Preston, agent for the Guzelter, lias been canvass'iDg the city for wsTeral ilays. Wm. Frank liad a grand opening Siiturday. He set it up to the boys in fine style. Uuring the funeral of young Win. Costello of Dexter, miiny of the stores were closed. Mrs. J. Waito of New York City, a sister of Mrs. Judge Beakes is iu town ;also DrBeakes. The freshmen will hop May 26 in Hatigsterfer's hall. Frank will eet up tbc buppcr. Judgiugfrom the nuinber of ucw deliv ery wagons, trade with the merchants is increasing. Jno. Mullholland, teller of tbe Firs National bank, Bay City, was in town over Suuday. Nulson R. nill will liereafter go i alone. The flrm of Hill & Delauey buv ing dissolved. J. A. Buss fornierly a clerk in the postoflice will lócate iu St. Lawrence, Dakola, Hand couoty. Daniel Brownell had 1) sheep killed by dogs Sunday uigbt. He offers a reward of one dollar. Halford is talkiug some of starting a daily paper. lie ougbt to do it for one is not enough. Dean fc Co. are going to build a fire proof store house on the soutb. sidc of Liberty streel. A. It. Hall inteuds to build an addition to bis Main street bakery. All on uccouut of' the postorlice. J. W. Ilerrick, Who claims to owu the Daily News undet ubill of sale, was in the city Tuesday. The Cornwells of Foster's ötation have neiirly completed iwo haudêome Iiule tenement hou es. S. C'. Stringbaui wül leave to-day lor St. Helens, Roscominoo county, toreinain iluiing tbe summer. A. J. Buchoz, wbo has been a resident of ihis city for many years, is goiug back to Mexico to refeide. Sun; It is expected tbat the telephone line beUveen Detroit and Dcxter will 'je completed by June lst. Wm. Fisher and wife, have returued from tbcir wedding trip. Theyjwere absent some Ihree weeks. II. T. Morton is conteinplatiue; a west ern trip. He iutends purchasing several hundrud acres of land. Aid. Besiiuer will not rcujaiu ïnuch longer wilh us. lie is preparing to leave the place of his adoption. President Angelí delivered au eloquent discourse in university hall Bunday afternoon on "Missions Chiua." Scarlet fevor is (uite prevalent. Sign boards can be seen on several housea in the city annouucing the fact. Ex Aid. Eleming, just as sooü as he disposes of his Ilurou street property.will leave for the western country. Prof. Payne.of the uoiversitj', has purchased the old Hooper property on State street. Cousideration $3,600. The ladies' society of the Presbyterian cliurch will give a social at t lie residence of P. Buch Salurday evening. Jno. O'Brien, in the eniploy of H. Kitïedge, was kicked in the face by a horsc üaturday and severely iujuied. Rev.Dr. Steele is in Springfield, 111., attendiug a scssion oí' the general assem bly of the Presbylerian church. Henry Morton ha3 purchased the luuiber of T. J. Keech for a $2,500 house, ,to be coustructed iu this towuship. The Kaciue boys were a jolly lot of fel;ows, and were well pleased with their visit to the Athens of Michigan. Beef, live weight brings from 4 to G aud 1 2 cents. Sheep froin 5 lo 6 cents and liogs from 3 to 4 ceuts live weight. Chas. Bliss is the boss fisherman. He caught 13 black bass Monday, and ihe largest one veighed seyen pounds. Dr. Herdman will deliver a discourse on the evils of intemperance at the Lodi school house next Sunday evening. A young man named Miller while boat ridiug, Bunday, run against a snagin the dam, and was thrown into the river. J. M. Carr, a former resident of Dexter, was killed some days ago near Mosey. He was engaged in loadiug logs. Mis. A. M. Risdon purehased at execuirix sale öaturday the old Danforth property on the corner of Ann and Fiftta Sts. Mrs. Mary T. Lathrop, of Jackson, the celebiated evaugelist, will addresn the re'onn club Suuday aftwnoou at 3 o'cloek. Prof. Sage, the nuan who stumped Oak and couuty for Lincoln aud Hamlin, is doing business in the opera house block. Hugh Peoples, who is charged with ruurderiDg Martha Wüitla, is out on $10, 000 bail. His trial is to come olí Juue 8. Jno. Wasser, who was icjured sevcrelv in the back, by falling frorn a scallold on which he was working,is slowly recoverin g. Miehael Brouaer of Manchester has commeuced suit against John Burkhardt claiming $5,000 damages. lt is a case of libel. Dr. Donald Maclean performed a very successful cperation for ovariotomy Tuesdsy. The tumor weighed some 20 pounds. There was a reunión of the'giavel club Monday. Bliss, the Italian, kept tte meiübers in a roar of laughter for over an hour. Maltin Keek, with J. Keek & Co., for some years, Hft for Chicago Tuesday night where he bas a sUualioii iu a furniture house. The Ypsilauti Arbieter Vereiu will give a ball on the eveniug uf May 29. The Minnis orchestra from tuis place will furnish the music. The following additioual jurynieu were drawu Saturday: J. C. Bnd, Aun Arbor towu; L.C. Walliugtou aud F. W.CIeaveland, Ypaüanti. The books at Ionia will show the per. sous naniea from Auu Arbor, the offiters conveying them there, and the justices by whoin genteneed. A week from Buuday Buntecou will huid fortü at the L'nitariau churct. He will have sonietliiug lo say about temperan r.e alliance stock. Mrs. Marión Baxter had a tiae audience Sunday evening. The lecture was post poned until theu on account of Ihe meeting in uuiversity huil. Swathel, Kyer& Peterson huve expended several thousand dollars in improving their milis and they will now manufacture flour on au iniproved plan. A business man on Aun street was locked out of bis store yesterday. His attorney advised bim to burat the door in which he proceeded to do. H. M. Cutcheon U. S. District Attorney, of the firm of Beakes & Cutcheon, was called to the city Monday on account ol Mr. Beakes, severe illness. Tlic weather for the past few days ha been cold. Frosts every morniug, and a i resul t fruit growers are fearful tliat tli fruit erop has been njured. The jurrors in the Bycraft cuse, i company with sheriff Wallace, visited th residence Tuesday afteruoon of l'ro UuImud on West Huron streel. Juo. Moran's new bliek making ma chine which cost $350 has been placed in position, ani John uow expects to tun out au iraproved quality of brick. Chas. Francisco from Ft. Wayne, Ind. feil down in front of Hall's bakery Mon day evcning and broke his leg. The city will probably have atine bUl to pay. It was supposed by a great many persons that the two young men at the SI. James the first of tlie weck werc the Ford brothers It turned out to be ajoak. The old homeopathie lecture room has beeri fitted up for a hospital at an expense of severul hunired dollars. The aniphitheatre is now used for a lecturc room. Patrick Leonard of Narthfletd, was couvicted aui ñned $5 and costs Kiiday, for au assault and batlery cominitted ou P. Wall of Northiield. Case taken to the circuit court. J. C. Knowlton enlered iipou hisduties is postmastor Thursday momiog last. Ëx-postoiaster Clark left Friday lor his future home in Dakota, aad hislamily ou the following da}'. The game of baseball between the uuiversity and Hacine clubs was a draw on accouut of the storm. Ouly one iunings was played the game standing y to 2 in favor of the university boys. The catalogue of the high school has jeen issued from the press. It coutains the names of the school board and ofticem of the school, and the names of the scaol ars in the different departments. Jos. Whitlark has purchased ex-postmaster Clark's house and lot ou State Street for $3,500. Mr. W. who Uves in the towuship of Anu Arbor wiil noon take vip bis resideuce in tuis cily. Field day has beeu poBtponed to Juuo 3, when, besides the usuü! athletic exercises, oae of the series of games of the iner-collegiate base bail league wiil be ilayed, Madison vs. the University. Win. Trusdell took his hursc tu the Iuron river to drink, Saturday. The horse feil down, Trusdell jumped uut, and as the water was over his (TrusdeU's) ïeail, lie cauie very uear drowping. Tne suin of f 500 will be givcn for inorruation that will lead to the discovery of Win. Kiuneally or his heirs. $133,000 has been lelt to them. Some of them are upposei to be residents of tliis eounty. Hugh McCall, an old resident of Webter, died at Elgin, 111., of consumplion, Hay 15. The f uueral was held yesterday. ir. McCall was the father of the McCall jrothers who forraerly run the Scio uiillb. Win. Gleason, whose postofflee address s Macou, Leiiawee eounty, is another one of those fine feilows who has had The Jbmockaï for nearly a year and a half nd now refuses to take the paper lïom he office. A stock company has beenorganized in Manistee for the purpose of building wa ter works. The capital is $200,000. It is a wonder that the of this city don't form a compaDy to give the people good water. The hatchet is buried and the two deruocrat'c papers will work in UDison. Washteuaw county is democratie by several hundred majority, and the Argus and Democrat will be heard from during the coming campaign. Hon. John M. Gregory, late president of the Illinois Industrial university, and for many years Superintendent of Fublic Institutions in Michigan, has accepted an invitation to deliver the commeuecment address on Thursday, June 29. The current report of the students' lecture association shows a falling off this year iu the profits. There is ouly $114.11 o be placed to the credit of the gymnaiumfuud, as against $512.84 appropriatd to that fund the previous yeur. Several Communications are oa our able. One is signcd "Doe," and as the ndividual can only write his name mechanicaüy, it was evidently penued by oiueone else for h.m, while an cffort ad been made to disguise the hand wiïtIn the circuit court Monday Maltin L'. Kiceof Dexter was arraigued and pleadd uotguilty to the charge of burghiry. lenry Martin, colorad, of Ypsilanti, jleaded guilty to the charge of breaking nd entering, with intent to commit burlary. South Lyon Excelsior; Geo. W. Carson moved fiora Rondeau, Ont., on the 18lh f April to Ann Arbor, where hu will relde for a time. He has spent tweuty 'ears iu Canada, as an instructor of muic. Mr. Carsou was formerly a resident f Livingston counly. It is just fifteen montha bíiicc Osear Ü. Sorg lef; the employ of F. & A. Sorg, aud engaged in business on bis own account, and bis trade bas increased to ucb an extent tbat be now employs 25 aitists, and by July lst he expecta to have 40 men in bis employ. The members of the Racine base ball club are Sanger Steel, Jno. Crooks, F. 1 Tilden, J. V. Cowling, L. II. Barnes, Frank Bright, A. J. Lunt, A. L. Reed, W. G. Ilifl. C. Fyffe, secrelary of the Northwestern, league was with them, and ?red Harvey for substitute. Beef only costs 22 cents per pound in Toledo, bow mucb of it is consumed by the faraily of eight wbo live on $1,00 per day and eau only spend 50 ccuts of tbut for the table, the other 50 cents going for rent, clothing etc. The same beef is sold in England for 9 cents per pound. What a glorious tbing it is to be protected. Eleven subscribers have taken Tuk Demockat the past week: J. A. Buss, Tlios. Boyd, W. H. Orendorf, Cantou, 111., J. B. Williams, Sueldon, Dakota, T. F. Bouner, Au Sable, Fred Waguer, Pleasantine, Kansas, E. Clancy, Anu Arbor town, Wm. Corseüus, Ann Arbor, Fred Lutz, Ann Arbor, J. II. Rcmick, Ann Arbor. Dexter Leader: John S. Pacer, of Scio, about the raiddle of April, purchased of Arthur Wood of Lodi, six one 'year old Verinont registered meriuo ewes, which with the seventeen he purchased last fall of the same party, makes him 2ÍÍ registered ewes. He ulso bought last fall oue reKisterod rain, which gives him a pretty good start in the line of registered shecp. E. C. Freer, who has been a resident of tuis city sinee 1875, and for the past six years engaged in running a meat markct, has closed his shop and gone to Detroit to reside. He expects to open a market and grocery store sometinic Ibis fall, possibl; on Jeffersou avenue. By strict applica tion to business and fair deáltog he suc ceeded in building up a fine trade whil here, and we have no doubt be will d equally as well n the city of tbe Straight. Two weeks ago an East áaginaw rnai was dclivered of a tapo worm 40feetlong The fact was publisbed at Bay City, and straightway the residents of that enter prising place set out to beat that worm yarn or die in tbc attetnpt. Ere long ai intestinal parasite 60 feei long was dul; usuered inlo tbe ligbt of day, and now Hay City is elated. - Eveuing News Why uiake a fuss over sucb a smal worm. It is not long since that a persor in tilia city was delivered of a worm 135 feet long. The supervisor of Aun Arbor township inakus a partía! statisüeal report for the year 1881: Nuiuber of births, 85; nurober of deaths, 21 ; number of aerea of wlieat ratoert, 8,770; number of bushels thresuedi ■9,800; iiumber of acres now uu the rround, 8,811 uutnber of sbeep sheured, 8,800; number of pouuds of wool sbeared, jU,o2ö; number of sbeep now ou band, 8,820; average yield of wbeat per acre, 15 busbcls; numbur of dogs taxed, 133. In .880 tbe average yield of wbeat per acre was 25 busbels, Donaviu's famous troupe of Tenues - seemis drew au excellent audienee al the opeiv. house on tbc evening of Oct 22, says the Daily Journil, published at Logaiiport, Ind. The membeis of tbia roup are all possessed of good Toices, and they sang those o!d popular jubilee ongs in a way that-inade the raflers rin?, and the audience applaudcd uproiriously. Phere is a heartiness and zeal of soul and )ody in these old "spirituals" which white olUs' singing can never come up to. The ntertainment closed with "Slrauss' JSlue Janube," sung in 'inished mauner. IVm. Kinneally, vvho died some 10 rears ago in New York eitj, and left jroperty amounting to $125,000 which ntirely reverts to bis brother Edward, or lis descecdents. According to the will made by William it appears that he partd from bis brother some 30 years ago in Canada. At the time of the separatiou hey wcre eight and ten years of age reslectively. It is alao stated in the will bat Kdward and his mother left at tho ime rnentioned for Ann Arb:r. M. J. jangau of 51 Chamber street, an aUorney rom New York city, was here the first of he week endeavoring to find Iraccsof the ost heirs. Commercial: The Pierce memorial scrices, Leid at the Presbyteriau church ou 'uesday evenins, was atteuded mostly by íormal studcnts, tliere being a sprinkling f citizens and M. U's. who had taken au arly start for the morrow. ïhe churuh vas nearly twotbirds filled. Prof. Danel Putnam and Dr. McCorkle conducted ie opening cxercises, appropriate musie jy the choir. Ex-gov. Felch was a memer of the legislature when the school sysem of Michigan, recommenried by Mr. Jierce received the sanction of that body, nd has since been person&lly acquainted with his work in the educational field, lis address was a just tribute lo the fidel y and wisdom of the deceased in his hosen work, and contained some valua jle thoughts on education in general, udge Joslin introduced the speaker and ïade the closing remarks. The semi-centennial convettion of the Alpha Delta PM fraternity will be held n New York, May 16, 17 and 18, under ie auspices of the exeoutive council. 'he business session of the convention ill be held in the Grand C'ommandery ïall of the Masonic Temple and the pubc literary exercises at the academy of ruusic. These will consist of a symposum, coiiducted by the following speakrs, upon the subject of "Flfty Year'i 'rogress:" Iu literaturc, Donald G. íiell; in educatiou, Merrill E. Gates, jresident of Rutger's college; in science, cv. Richard S. Storrs, D. D. ; in politics, on. A. Q. Keasbey ; in moráis, Rev. Roswell D. Hitchcock, D. D,; Hon. John ay, president of the frateruity, sympo arcfa. On Wednesday the ruambers of he fraternity will particípate in an exursion on tbc Hudson river, as guests of ie gradúate niembers resident of New rork, aud on Tlmrsday the annual conentiou dinner will occur al Delmoni:o's. Register: Rev. P. S. Donelsou, D. D., oue of tbe early graduates of the univer' sity, being a member of the class of 1849, dicdin Dcxlcron Tuesda}', May 'J. Dr. Dotielsou was born in Colerain, Mass., April 17, 1825, his parents reuioviug to tuis state in 1828. After gradualinff trom tbc uuiversity, he spent tsvo years at ihe Presbytcrian seininary at Auburu, N. Y., and in the f all of 1851, relurned to Michigan, where he joined the M. E. conference, and married Cathcrine, second daughter of Judge Dexter, of Dexter, this counly. He was professor of aucient languages at Fallay Semiuary, New York, 1851-3; ai Albiou college 1853-6, and pastor of the M. E, church Lansing, 1830-8. He was president of the Ohio Wesleyan Feinale College froin 1858 to 1873, pastor of the M. E. church Toledo, from 1873 to 1875, and presiding eider of the Toledo district from 1875 to 1879. He was a delégate to two general cenferences and represented Ohio in the London Ecumenical Conference of 1881. About six weeks ago he carne to Dexter in failing health. His death will be seriously mourned by all who enjoyed his acquaintance. A party of friends assembled at the residenoe of Mrs. F. llodell Lima, Wed uesday evening, to .vitness the marriage of Miss Dura A. to Willard A. Begole, of Marshall. Tlic bride was lovely in sheeny white, with a small boquet of white rose,buds_surrounded.with drooping similax, at the lelt of the neck dressing of lace. The groom was dressed in the conventional black dress coat, white vest and neck-tie and white kids The ceremony was peifoimed by Eider Northrup, was brief, but very soleum. The preseDts were many and bïautiful, among which were : ISilver cake basket by Mr. and Mi s. Hudler, silver ice pitcher by Messii. li Parker, L. Wood, Burkhart aud wives Etruscan toilet büttles, silver butter kuife, three boquettes of cut flowers, by Miss Ernnia Begolt of Jacksou. two dozen damas-k table napkin, by F. B. Wright auk Miss Blue of Marshall, two pair lino Unen towols Jby 'L. M. Feuu, solid silver butter knife by W. H. íáuyder and sister solid silver nupkin rings by Mrs. fS. J{ Callohan, one dozen silver nut picks by Geo. J3egolc and wife, silvjr pickle fork by Kittie JJegole of Marshall, one pair china vases by Adolph and Bertha Rode]] a beautiful set of jewulry in settings by tue groom, a basket of cut flowers, tha fllled the air with their frasrance, by W 8. Callohan. After the ceremony, we were marsliulled in tlie dining room,where a bountiful repast was spread and all did ampio juslicc. The happy pair's health


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