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A Monument To Father Pierce

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TIjo following circular is being sent to Ili: teachers and school oflicers of the state by tlie cotumitlee appomted to solicit aid in providinj; a suiuble monument for the late John 1). Pierce: To the Teacher. aiul Pupila of Michigan : "The deceased was an ardeut lover of Michigan, of her iustitutions aud her jeople. Surely bis warmest adniirers and personal íriends lived iu Michigan, ind his dyiug rerjucat was that his body je buricd in her soil, aud near the graves of those who shared his burdeus of pioneer life." His remains are now in the city eewetery of Marshall, where the apneciation aud patriotistn of Michigan's eachers and pupils will not permit theui to reiuain iu comraon obscurity. The school houses and educatiouai iustitutions of our Htate are monuments of his good work for us, and surely the iuniates of these are endowed with a gift of appre ciation to his memory. Therefore, hrough each city Superintendent, or lirouh the secretary of tacü board of examiueis we appcal to each teacher and hrouu;h the teachers to each pupil of our communily to contribute something, be it much or litlle, to the erection of a fcuitable nonutnent over the remains of their comnon benefactor. CoDtnbutious should be sent througli the hands of your superiuendent or secretary of examiners wbeti conveuicut, otherivise they mav' be sent j liiectly to Mr. -Ueville llubbar treasurer of tbe monunieut fund, Marshall, Hich. Kespectiully,


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