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The Tolu, Rock And Rye Co.

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CLOSINC OUT SALE OIE1 WATCHES AND JEWELHY Intending to withdraw my interest from business in this city, I OFFER MY ENTIBE STOCK OF GOODS ! lTof the ïioxt : clays at priccs WITHOUT IfcH:GrAII TO COST CASH. Culi early sincl secure ome of the imi-sjttiuN. My brother -wlll eontiiiTio tlic business afltér June 1 tst, iit tl' olcl stand. A.I1 having unsettled accounts will ploase eull and ettle ty cash or Koi-t note, a my ooltiai mnHt lo closed. J. "WATTS. yV Use Lawrêncë&Wlarti7ïï8"1 ForCOUCHS, COLDS, SORE THROAT, ÜflOMCHITIS, ASTHMA, PNEUWONIA, CONSUMPTION, Diseases of THROAT, CHEST AND LUNCS. n a i #& ■ ■ n ■■ ■#%■ ib Has alwaya been on? of the most important ilill AUiVI II" I auainsttliorn'-ioachmontsofCOUOHS.COJLDS, llnLOnllI Ui I ULÏJ la-nvimi ., .STiUA, WEK ÏHROAT Cl NSKMTTION In its lnclplênt aml :i(]v.-moed stajíes, and añ Siseases of the '1 HKOAT.CHKST and LUNG8, butit has liever bren so advautageousVy eompounded as In theTOLU; BOCK and KYIÍ. Itssoothini; Balaaniie propprties iiftord a difruslre stiuiulant and tonic to build up tlia -,tom aftertúe cough has been relievcd. Quart .size bottlrs, PriceSI.lXi. ■% A HTI rt M T Io not be deceiveil by dealer who try to palm off Koek and ltye llAU I IUl ! in plaee ol our TOI'.I:. KOCK AND I. K, wliich Is Ule ONLY MKl)TrATKIarticle- the gennine lias a Private Dio Proprietary Stamp on each bottle, wliich permlts it to be Soltl ly DrujiglslN. Grocors and Uealers Every wbere, WITHOUT SPECIAL TAK OS Ï.ICENSE. Proprietors, 41 River St., Chicago, III.


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