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The steambarge Prindiville got on asand ar ofl Oscoda and went down with her entire argo ot lumber, on the lOth. No Uves were st. Jackson seems to be infested with burglars. Father Bnyse has again been visited. Althoagh the pólice were caüed by teleuhone and responded promptly, no trace of the marauders could be discovered. MtB. Jacotes, wita of the M. E. Presiding Eider of th Lansing district, died very suddenly of congestión on the 8th inst., ia Lansing. A. freieht train collided with the Maybury & Hamilton circus traiu near Dexter, wrecking the freight engine and several cars. John Costello of Dexter wna ki.led. No on else was burt. , Hugh S. Peoples, accusei of murüenng Maitha Wbitla, has been admitted to bafl in the Bum of Ï10.W0. Mre. H. Burns of Niles, was walking on ttie oailroad track, being deaf, a traiu coming was not heard and sbe was killed. Luke Woods an old and respected citizen of Tecuinseh (lied after two days' illness. The county seat of Mackiuac county is to be moved from Mackinac to St, Ignace ia September a special election wil) occur in June to submit to the jieople a propositan to iseuo boude fr a loan oL 17,000 to build a court house andljail at St,Ignae. Two hundred dollars is oflered for plans and epecificatioi)8 for the proposed comt boufie and jail building. Theside wallöof the central part of the old Marshall house, at, Marshall, feil i?, leaviuR the r,v,f Riinuorted lï the end walls. This was oue of th old landmark of Mawhall, bavlog been opened as a hotel In 1840, when it was the first hotel In central In 18(58 it became ajeníalo acadeiuy,an1 waflused foilhat purpose two years. Irwin Mann of Carmel towusbip, Eaton Co., was married on the 7th inst, and to tbesurrise of everybedy, on the lOth he coimnitted uicide by hanging. W. H. Wright, a örand Rapids insurauce agent, wae found dead in l(d lA a hotel 'm (Jedar Springa on the llth. Hc h d beeu tioubled with sthuia Bfiveral yeaif. The couimnn couucil ol Weet Bay City have accepted the preposition of tht Swift Electric Light company to light th streel for one year. W. H. Brearle has jusl lost a fiue parrot by pniflon from eating Japónica blossoms. The parrot was a very remarkable talker, ciilliüg each member of the fainily by name. Wm. B. l'releigh, Graud Rapiils ageutof the Adains expres coiupaoy, bas beeu airested for embezzling abmit 7ül) of the coiui):vny's money. Harry ML Thayer, of Elba townBhip, near Ithaca, bas been arrested for passing counterfeit inoney. Tbirty-eight bogus 1 piecea were found in hia satcbel and upon his per■on. Mr. James Birney of Bay City, for six yeare past American minister to the court of Holland, and whose resignation has been recontly accepted by the President, ia in New York en route home. A terrible gale, northeast, bas Ijaen btowlng at Kast Tawaa tbree days; aeveral erart ar sheltered there. The Uhamptou got her tatt in but the Sweepatakes lost her raft. F. H. Lester, G. Kubn, George Ernst, Bobt Brown, Mra. Knox, etc, of Mendou, havo all been sufferers by a heavy fire in ttiat place. Mrs. Herman, milliner, lost her clothiug-, a gold watoh, and $200 in inoney, witli no insurance. The fire will be a sad blow to Mendon. J. Maurice Finn of Grayling, hile out on School Section lake one evening lat week, "speared aduck" weighing 2i pounds. It ia believed that Hazelton the Glencoe aud Pinconning defaulter coinmitted suïcide in Tenoeaseo. Lyman T. Kinuey, of Grand Baylds, ha purchased a tract of 240 acres of pine land in Kent Co. froin which he expecta to get 20,000,000 atar ahinglea. Mr. Kinney haa also purchased 3,000 aerea of oak aud hemlock Iand8 near Woodville, where he haa extensive lumber interests. Otia Baker's farm house on Grand Prairie burned with loss of nearly $8,000. Mra. Annie Proeser committed suicide by drowning herself in Kalamazoo river at Battle Creek. Mortification over tke Bathrick scandal hadcaused insanity. Henry Gamage, a moneyed mau of London, England, has juat purehased land in Portland tor the firm of Gamage & Co., who will, it ia repsrted, begin the manufacture of boue aud blood manure, matches, boot blacking, stove polish, and calcine. The company expect to einploy about 800 hands within a year, but begin work immediately. Conaiderable diasatiefaction appears ainong the Miwkegon atrikers against (Jook and De Long, who are charged with being iu the way of a settlement. The booming company and mili owners refuae to liold any consultation with either of them. There is considerable suflering among the strikers, and many have to take shelter in their hall and receive ratlons f rom the relief committee. In order to prevent a quorum at the laBt meeting of the council the mayor and his f our aldermen stayed away. A correspondent writes from Port Austin May 12th: üwlng to the great storm, "daily" boats have been prevented from reachini? this port since Sunday, now six days. B. A. Onley of Paw Paw has filed a bilí to restrain Jane Ann Mauley of Hartford, aud Charles S. May of Kalamaaoo, her attorney, from dlsposing of or attempting to collect a $0,000 note held by the said Jane Ann Mauley. While visiting her at her house in Hartford, December i, 1881, Onley says that ehe removed from a basket nearly $80,000 of money, uotee and mortgages which he had in it, filliug his basket with chips, and that when he discovered his loss, he demanded them, and she refused to give them up, threatening to destroy them unless he gave her $20,000. He therefore gave her bis note for $20,000, which he now asks to be relieved from paying, allegug duress. Onley is a very wealthy man and it is reportad a large sized scandal will result in this sult. The sheriff of Leuawea cuunty and the Adrián authorities joinin the offer of a reward of $3,000 for the appreheusion of Naviu. The county offers $2,000 and the city $1,000. The strike of the log-boom men at Muskegon, ís proving a serious injury to the Chicago lumber market, and a Iobs to the vessels cngaged in carrying lumber. Dan'l Galbraith of East Tawas, has buried three children of diphtheria within a week. His wife and another child are dangerouíly ill. Burglars entered th Hurd house saloon, Jackson, aud decamped with $40 and saloon simdrie. The house bilí providiug lor new public buildings in Detroit was favorably passed upou Mönday and goes to the senate. Brewer's moulding room, Tecumseh, was badly damaged liy fire on Suuday. Harmon Nasb, proprietor of Nash's Ax ï'actory at Lowell, had the misfortune Monday to lose his right hand while aesiaüugsoine of Us men who were at work with a buzzsaw in his factory. Mr. Nash who is expresa agent and a Knight Templar had but just relurnod from Detroit, where he had attended the recent conclave as one of the DeMolai Commandery. Dwing to thecold weather corn planted beore the rain haa rotteel in the grou „d and in many casea will need to be replanted. Dr. J. N. Hollywood, implicated ia the Martha Whitla murder case, bas been released on $10,000 bail. Maj. Gen. J. G. Barnard, U. S. A., died at the Bussel House, Detroit, Sunday. Hia remains were taken to Sheffield, Mass., for burial. Ex-President Grant has engaged rooms at the Bussel House pou the occasloa of the soldiers' reunión in Detroit next month Chas. HoIHb, while adjustintt a saw in Hannab, Lay & Co.'s BhiDgle mil), Traverse City, feil and had his leg nearly severed before he was rescued. The bone was also broken in tho fall and amputation was resorted te. His recovery is donbtful. Fruit is reported badly injored all over Michigan by the heavy frosls of May 15tli. Mrs. Eva Humphrey of Adrián committed suicide by drowning íd the Maumee at Toledo. She lately weat to Toledo, and it was at her house that the wifa and baby of Tom Navin were reported round a íew weeks ago. Fred. Garduer, a switchman on the M. C. B. B. at Niles, was run ovr by the cara and lost a leg near the hip, He will probably rtie. He leaves a wife and seveu children. Wall & Sipley' eaw inill at Nirvani, near Reed City, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday. V fire in EastSaginaw Tuesday afternoon in the large planiug miti of Jessie Hoyt, destroyed six dry kilns and 300,000 feet of lumter. Lob f75,000. No Insurance. Kinney, Howe & Co.'s hardware store at Lawton was burglarizud of goods this week. A. X. Cary of Grand Bapids died on the lStb. In 1865 he wa a passenger on the steamer Collins, between Cleveland and Detroit, wheu the bot tcok fire and burned to the watet's edge. Taking a stool he juiuped into the lake and floated until picked up by a passing boatHe was a delégate to the Chicago convention of IHöO, wüich nominated Lincoln.


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