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A spcChU train from Loudon couveyed inourners to Gbatsworth to attend tho funeral of Lord Cavendi8li. Among theui w;w the priuce of Wales aud duke of Edinburgb, representing the queeD, Mr. Gladsk)ne,Lord Granville, Mr. Forster, the attorney general, the postmaster general, and mauy other distingnlshed persono. One of the most conBpicuou8 ftatures of tbo funeral was the assemblage of 6,000 tenants of the duke of Devonshire, father of Lord Cavendisb. The order of the processlon was: The hearse, the duke of Devonshlre walkiug alone, the marquis of HartiuKton, Lord Kdward Cavendisb,Mr. tíladetone, Earl Granville, the speaker of tlie house of coinmons, ïnembers nf the cabinet and 800 members of parliameut walking four abreast. An immense crowd was present, the number being estimated as high as 30,000. Mr. Trevftlyan, the new chiei sacretary for Ireland, and Lady Spencer, have arrived in Dublin. The tonner wa8 warraly cheered by the populace. H was eacorted to thi castle by mounted pólice. In the house of commons Sir Walter Harconrt, home secretary, introduced a bilí for tho repression of crime in Irylaud. He charaBtprized the prevalenc of crime there asa national disfrace, He said : " The time has arrived for the entire house to unite in takiusr steps to repicas it, The Irish mem bent complain bïtterly of theabandonment of the new yolicyof oncilialiou and intend to olfer etrenuous opposition to the passing of the liill. A terrible explosión of Ure-damp is reported in the 'Plato mine, in the town of BochuiD, Westphalia. Fifty-six dead bodies were recovwed. A severe storm of wind and raiu raging on the northern aud western portions of Lak Ontario has washed away sevewl houses used as sumiHM residences on the island off Toronto. Many wrecks are exfected. Arresta of parties onsuspicion of complicity in the murders of Cavendish and Burke conUuub. live repressioa hill was the subject of an exciting debate in the British house of conimous. A London paper predicts tíladstone's early retireuieiit from the chaneellorship. The Egyptian miuistry take it al! back and are interceding with the Khedive for pardon. He Is master of the situation, and refnses to üeat with the committee. One hundred nnd fifty Bussian Jows anived at Montreal yesterday, and 600 more started tbs same day from Berlín for America. The United Htates wiil not accedo to tho iequeBt of Chili to ttend mails fi om lliis country for Peru to Callao for dUtiibutimi. The Khedive of Egypt aud his ministers have resHined thir official relations. The advance of Uie Eaglish and French flrtets helped to restore quiet. At the opening of the Hawaiiau legislatura the kinfr made au acknowledgment of tl.e bonefits deriseü by his people trom the reciprocity treaty with the United States,


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