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Mrs. Dainty And Horse Talk

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Mrs. Laura Dainty was reading out in Missouri, and at one of the receptions which frequently follow her readings a gentleman was present who was able to talk norse very fluently, but couldn't talk anything else. Not being able to talk much horse, the little lady was puzzled how to entertain the guest, until he casually mentioned that he formerly lived in a certain Michigan city. "Oh, yes," she exclaimed, "I read there only a few evenings ago and had a most charming audience." Then she added, "They have a very iine course there." And he, delighted to √ľnd a woman who knew something, enthusiastically replied, "Yes, they have as nice a mile track as there is in the state." The subsequent silence cast a gloom over the entire company. - Burlington Hawkeye, Colonel "Bob" Ingersoll cliarged the Bible with responsibility tbr oruelty, bloodshed, war, polygaiuy, slavery and ignorance. But as yet we believe he has not charged it, with ruakiug uien deieuders of a tliief who steals the public money, brpaking their promises and delaying, if not defeatiug, justice, violating the deoeiicies of a court by calling auothor mau a liar and violeutJy pounding tho table with his fist. These and charging men fii'ty cents a head tor emancipating them i'roin superstition are, we suppose, the fruils of infirielity. - Frce Presa. The disappearance of the sardine from the coast of Brittany, wJiere it used to bring the flshermen 15,000,000 francs a year, is attributed to a chnnge in the dii-ection of the gulf stroom. "Yes," said the country member, "I went to that variety show because I feit sure there'd be nobody there who knew me! Durned if pretty mnch the whole Legislature wasn't there!" Colonel Ingersoli's purifying infidelity does not prevent hirn from making a blackguard of himself on very slight


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