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Large straw hats are remarkable for square crowns stretched with velvet; for variously dyed plaits, and for flax-colored lace trimmiugs ; but ihe most fashionable demi-saison strawa are cinnamon-colored. trimtued with shrimpplnk feathers and clover-red. The color canaque is the fashion ; it is half crearu, half shrimp. ïhe shapes in favor are not new, but they are put on in many picturesque ways; thus a Clarissee Harlowe looks anything else than a Ciar isse if arranged with red feathers and the new flcelle (twine color) which is shaded soinetimes. Hats and bonnetsof larce diinensious are worn with immense square eollars or with pelerines made with reves. Strings are subject to novel treatment- they are often raadeand tied in butterfly bows without ends, a most welcome innovation, as too much necktie bow lias become indispensable, to say nothing of throatlet bouquets attached to the military collar. High stand-out collars that form a back-ground to the head are gaining more than passing favor. These and open embroideries and changeful kiltings are the real novelties of the seasou. Pekin skirts (alternating stripes) are charming under brown shades. A new trimrning is inngeoí chemie, so shiny and sleek tliat the atelier apprentices cali it rat's tail fiinge; a novelty, too, is flexible satín cord in which are hung many protty lace, jet and passamenterie designs. Whenever anything new in black or in half mourning appears, thongh not intended as mourning in Paris, it is speedily introduced f or London by Messrs. Jay of th e Regent street flrm. Here tíie mania Cor painting on silk is uubsiding, and Paris sil ver lace, wurn over black Spanish blonde, over black net, and mixed with black units' veiling, are the features for rich dinner styles. Creamy white lace appliques on black satin are costly in the extreme. The advantage of applique3 is that they decórate according to the individual taste. A white lace rose with raised petals may trail from lace foliage across a front width and be quite sufflcient, for characterizing a black velvet skirt, with smaller ones on the sleeves, while lace flowers, mounted on stiff net and silver wire, in the hair, form a royal and artistic parure. As usual, a few hints about colors may be put down as a help for the memory. Salmón and pea green are equally worn for Indian neckties ; claret satin with pink, Sevres blue with canaque as above; like almond-peel, Indian palma, all soft shades with the new browns ; brown with yolk of egg yellow, navy blue with aurora pink, violet with amber or lemon, vertdegris with pinkish yellow, seal brown with yellowish stripes, Dresden blue with palé blue, figured designs of black on rich, glowing under-grounds. Pearl-work, distinct from beading, is a new branch of Parisian industry. Pearls a la '-Queen Mary" are on everything; especially on lace throatlets, lace stand-out collars, lace Van Dyck guipure collars -and cuffs. on cap-cauls, etc.


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