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The Dublin Tragedy

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Assassiuation tires Dot ia its cowardly and detestable work. lts last aot senda a wail of horror trom the other side of the Atlantic. On Saturday afternoon, May 6, as Lord Frederick Cavendish, tbe newlyappoiuted Secretary for Ireland, and the Uiuler Secretar y , T. H. Burk, were taking an after-dinner walk in Phoenix Park, Dublin, and wheu about half a mile from the city gate, aud about a quarier of a mile. from tbe Chief Secretary 's lodge, they were attacked by assasains, with kuivts y,mi dirks, and literally cut in pieces. The assassins approached their victims in u car, two of whom jumped dqwn aud made the aü&ck, and after tbey had done their work, resumed their j)lace3 in the car aud hurried away. There would appear t.o have been a severe struggie For life, tho bodies having been i'ound some teu ]acea apart, thKt of Cavendish displaying eight gaping wounds, and that of Burke eleven. Two young men ridiug bicycles discover ed the bodies, which were at onoe removed by the pólice to the hospital to await examinatit n. Besides his other wounds, í he Chief becretary's left arm was broken and torn, as if it had beeu used to defend his breast from the dagger. A large quantity of notes and gold coin, besides their gold watches, were found in the pockets of the victims, showing that the object of the crime was not, robbery. Mr. Forster, the late Secretary, expresses the opinión that the act waa prearranged, and intended to show that the spirit of Fenianism is not to be placated. ïhis work of assassination is freely denounced by the leaders of the Irish Land League, as well it may be, íbr it will put back the causo of local selr-güvernmeut mdenniteiy, and ït casts doubt aud suspicion on all measures to adjust the vexed questions relative to tenant and landlord. That Gladstone has been actuated by motives of bumauiiy as w'ell na by considerations of wise statesmauship, in the conciliatory nu asures be has inaugurated, noone shoiild doubt. They should have had the eflecfc ti) repress crime, to inspire cunfidonue in the wisdom of' nis adminiatratiim. How the assassination of bis Secretary will modify the remedial measurcs he has introduced, and how the atrocity is to afléct the stability of his government or otherwise embarrass bis administratioD, remaius to be Been. The best frieuds, both of Ireland and England, have good reasons to cherish sympathy lor the Premier, wbose great heart was so aüve to the work of reconciüatiou, and whose shouJdersmust be pressed down ander the additional weight which ibis act oí' iiemiish cruelty has brought upon him, - all the more burdeusome to him, beoause of the doubt which will be cast upon his really beneficeut policy, which should havo been fraught with amelioratiou to [reland.


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