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His loving mother said: "If yon will take some of the castor oil, 1 will let you go to the circus." "How much ?" he cautiously inquired. "Oh, only a spoonful - just a spoonful." "And you will give me some sugar besides?" "Of course I will; a big lump," she replied. He waited till she begau pouriDg froni the bottle, and then asked: "And you will give me ten cents, too?" "Yes, of course." "And you will buy me a shoo-fly kite?" he went on, seeing his ad vantage. "I guess so." "No kite, no ile!" he said as he stepped back. "Well, IU buy you a kite," she said, lili ing up the spoon. "And a velocĂ­pedo ?" "I'U think of it." "You can't think no castor oil down mei" he exclaimed, looking around for his hat. "Here- I will, or 111 tease father to, and I know he will. Come now, swallow it down." "And you'll buy me i goat?" "Yes." "And a coach dog?" "1 can't promise that." "All right; no dog, no ile!" Well, ril ask your father." "And you'll buy me t wo hundred marbles? "Yes. Now take it down." "And a pony '(" "Oh! I couldn't do that. Now, be a good boy and swallow it down." " Oh, yes! 111 swallow that stuff, I willl" he said, as he clapped on his hat "You may fooi some other boy with a circus ticket and a lump of brown sugar, but it'U take a hundred dollar pony to trot that castor ile down my


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