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Tbe performance of Mons. Albion and his bicycle have been brought proininently before the public by tbeir exiraordinary character. The bicycle which he uses is eight feet ├»u diameter, and weighs sixty-four pounds, II is said to be the lajgest one ever made. JAlbion. was originaily a clerk in a large iron-dealing house in Paris. Wliile there he leariied to ride the instrument, aud soon became a professional bicyclist. Grown tired of the ordinary size, he constructed one which bas made him fatnous, and on which he has at times made long runs at a speed of one huudred miles an hour. Ou one occasion he made twenty-tive miles in sixteen minutes, aud at auother time fitty-four miles in thirty-flve minutes. His best exploit, however, and the one which gaiiied him most renown, was the beating of an English locomotive in a tbirty-mile race. He has won maiiy races against men and horses, giving them long starts, and, with few exoeptions, he has beeu victorious. The Europeaii agenta of the Great Forepaugu Show, which appears here Wednesday, June li, rightly judging that his big bicycle would be a atroug attraction in the street parade and arenic performance of that show, encjaged him: and he is now with it, astonishing all who behold his wonderful work. Mrs. J. M. Bessmer, of Hastings, is visiting Wm. A.laby, Jr. The funeral of the late Mrs. P. Blum, was the largest ever held in Lodi. Joe T. Jacobs is out with a change of ad. Kead it, aud should you wish anythiug in the elothing line, give iiim a cali. Koch & Haller received an order a few days ugo frorn New York City, for tlie finest bed room set manufacturad by the furniture company. A telegram to a Detroit paper says that the University base ball club defeated the Raeiue club two games Mouday. The score standing 12 to 2 and 11 to 10. Tuesday the University boys beat the Madison club 16 to 0. They will return to-dny and ├ľaturday will play au eastern club. Evening News: Hiram Allen, of Sheridau tjwnship, Clare county, being about to die, expressed a wish thst his son Albert, to whom he had willed the homtstead, should be tuarried in his presence before his death, the girl of Albert'a choice being Miss Mary Neathammcr, of Ann Arbor. Ajusticeof the peace was sent for, but before he could reach the spot Allen pere died; but the wedding ceremony was performed in the house while the rustle of tbe wings of the angel of death could yet almo'st be heard.


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