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22 TRAINED ELEPHANTS COMING WITI1 THE Will exbibit aftcrnoon and eveniug at i mu, wnii ii LAKGEST IN THE WORLü ! (18th ANNUAL TOUK.) With two, three, and requires often four GREAT RAILWAY TRAINS. 1,200 W ad HORSES, 1,000 WILD M asi W SIS! ttttdt. c CAPÍTAL INVESTED, THREE MILLION8. EUROPE SWEPT CLEAN OP ITS ÜREAT AMUSEMENT FEATURES. Greatest of all- the now first time Consolidated Grcat Forepaugh Shows Focr Menageries Combined. Three Great Circus Troupes. Mammoth Museum. Oceanic Aquarium. Adam Forepaugh Jr.'s Great Congress of 22 Trained Elephants. Renz's Berlín Circus, Hippodramatic Sports and Gorgeous Oriental Spectacular Displays. IB OolQññml ihOws OOmfem@d I CoDstituÜDg tbc must gigantic couibination of tented exhibitions In tbc universo Daily expenses greater, cauvass larger, parade grander, costs more, shows more and' the most pertect, chante and respectable traveling tented exbibition ever organized Look at the unparalleled and astonishing array of faüious foreien FIKST AND ONLY GREAT HERD OF 23 "kSoHMDTG ELEPInts, aud the ustadded Biggest Bom of Earth, "Bolívar," positivuly the Hoaviest and BiggestElephant on Earth ! 150,000 will be forfeitcd if auy circus in the world can duplícate the unparalleled act of Sig. Leonati, trom Milan, UACINtt UPON A BICYCLE UP AND DOWX A SPIKAL ELEVATED KOADWAY 60 FEET IN HEIUHT I or the famous French Troupe- Sibons, from Paris, in their blood-curdliue gymuastic exhibitions; or the ncouipreliensible, Fearless Yelocity of Albion Raclng 6O Miles an Hour on a Nine Feet High Bicycle ! J'h: li ree Grealext Living Lady Uiders in the World. Louüa Bent, from Berlín ! Lizzie Deacon. from Londoa ! Kate Stokes, America ! BeJwld! 8ee! 100 Peerless Performra! Tallest Giants ! Smallest Dwarfs.' Zola Blmon from a Canrum! Man wüh Honu! _ Wild Men Zulus ! 200 Perforniing aiul Hing Ilones ! Twollorned lihinocer! Hippopotami ! Mile Monster SerpenU ! Trained Lions ! Tigers IJyenas ' Giraffe l Handsomc Women ! Fat Ladies ! Big Babks ! Two Race Truck Arena Eqwxl to Any ! DANCING BRUJNS IN JHE GREAT F0BEPAUG4 VSHOW? FOUR GREAT CIRCUS RINGS FOUR 8EAT8 FORSO,noo W TBBCL0UD-T0WER1SQ Pi VIL1OXS ' 5.U00 OPERA ( 'II A UiS UV THE GRAND STAM) ! i HfflBB (REÁ1 BASDS. PEERLESS, POETIC, PRINCELY, GRAND, GORGEOUS FREE STREET PARADE, Every forenonn of Exhibition Day. Tlic Koitl Splendors of the Oriënt, tlic whole World Tributary to lüu Gulossul CaroivaJ Cavalcadc. Jubilee Siiigers, and THREE GREAT BANDS OF MUSIC! A SOLID TWO-MILLION DOLLAR PAGEAXT. No Shoddy- No Shani. It is all there- not on paper, but a tangible roality; eau be wen by all, and IT IS WOKTH MORE TO SKE THE UHANI) STREET PARADE OF THE GREAT FOREPAUGII SHOW TIIAN IT IS ALL THE IJMS1DE AND OUTSIDE DISl'LWS OF NEARLY ALL THE SHOWS IN AJÜERIOA. ADMISSION- 50 cents for adults; Childrcu under nine yeara 23 cents. The usual sligUt advance for Reserved Chairs. Excursión rafes aud trains on all railroads on day of show. John A. FoBSPAüSH, Manager. ADAM FOREPAUGII, ADAM FOREPAUGIT, jr., Proprietors ■


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