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The Sonate has passed the Houbb bilí canúrin ing thehomesteadentryof Arthur W. Itartman, made at Traverse City, Mich May 22 18 G deelailnR that opon paymeüt atthe Durtrrt Land Office, at Reed City, oí the final commission.heBhall be entitled to a final certifícate and patent for the land. ForeBt firee are doing much damage in Iosoo "SSdtah ïager, an oíd residentol Clarkston Oakland Co., has been arrested on a cbarge of 2STy.b. it to claimed, fired ble on barn and Ut for tUe time.y dUcovery, severai o buildings in the village would have beende, stroyed. The man is 60 years old and of inteinperate habita. Two hundred and fif ty men are at wort. a the booms in Muskegon. All i quiet Th Govemor has ordered m examlnaüon lato the charges against Mayor DeLong. TnBomeDiacesalongthelake shore f rmt repovted not killed, but more generally gre damage b reported, if not a total los. In lees than five years tbere have been eetablished in thls state 25 telephone exchanges ÏKnow have more than 8,000 subBCnbers. There are aleo 700 private linea. John Hoffman, Tbree Rivera has commenced a 10,000 iinprovement onhis gmt mili. He contemplates diBOarding the grindmR method producmg üoar and introdnclng the roUer method, with a oapacity of 800 ba, daüy. Jonas mory aUo introduces the roller system of manufacture, and will increase the capacUy Of hiB mili to400 barrels dally. The clothing house oí lBU ' ' tt Saginaw, ha been closed under a chattel moWage for 7.000 iveu yesterday and aL tachnwnt Issued by Bochester, N, Y. parties ToTa? l'abilitie eetimad at 34,000; aswtB are ajór Cha8. Barde, a dwarf traveling wilh ForepaugU'8 show, died in Pontiac on the25th, otZjuon of the langs. He wae Uken Solt on the 23d while being exh.bited bat went to Pontiac with the troupe. He was bom at Damascue, Md. and was 32 years otó and Si inches high and has a twm sister the eame hight. Two oí the emall-pox yauru - -- Creek have died, N, Townsend and his father Kout other patienta are very slck with the Lease, one ot the ward schools has been cloeed lor the present. Rev E mwe, the Deerfield miuister haB been acquitted of burning of the M . E. parsonaSAt baseball the Detroits whitewaahed the Chicago champione nine times in succession. Thursday. Detroit again leads the league with 11 Tietories and i defeats. A fire at Spring lake burnad over 8,000,000 leet of lumbar at a loaa of $130,000, iDsnrance 68,450. Fire caught from Bparks from a aBslngtug. A fire is raging in tho Boscommon woods. The inhabitants are wishlng lor rain. MuBkegon strtkers make an nnconditional gurrender. AUoí the mlUs wiU start nest wek. . , ïhe Haacock Mining Journal says: A valuablehoreebelonging to the Mineral Kange Eailroad Company, deliberately walked off the oompany'8 ehore front on Monday afternoon ntothe lake and drowned hiroseir. He was probably deficiënt in "common Uorse sense, orelwtiredof doing daüy drndsery for a narro w gauge corporation, and resolved to end thetroublíB that horsa-flesh is heir to by selfdestruction. Eï-Snator Christiancy teatified that his young wife very Boon after marriaRe twitted hira ol being an old duffer and plainly told bim to bis face that he Btood before herandhappiness, asking attha time for divorce, etc. L. P. Gale, lorruerly a wellknown jeurnausi oí Grand Rápida, has been convicted of forgery. He says he will not go to state prlson, aud it is expected he will try to cominit suiFred Straight, 22 yeare of age, feil ia love with a pretty girl in Grand Rápida. She didn't fallinlove. Therefore he throatenedto kill lerandwasarrested. Ou hisperson were a revolvsr, a razor and aeveral packages of inorpUiue. He haa now committed siúcide. Mrs. Wm. B. Warrant of Kalamazoo, has the Bmall-pox. She statod that she contracted t iu the Woodhams block oa Burdick etreet. An iuvcstigatioa there showed that the diseaEe had existed in that block for moro than three weeks, Thomas Woodhama had had smaUpox and recovered, and hia nephewis nowaick with it, Measures were at onoe taken to quarantine the infeoted property. Clarence Farrar, Flint, an old man was rnn over by an omnibus and killed, in me crowu viewing Forepaugh's street show. Judson Bussell of Banton Harbor, aged 63 years, haa just diei oí typhoid pneumonía. He was one oí Uie oldest fruit-bnyers of the state and was extnsively known. He had just moved into an elegaat residence, and his sickness was brought on by a cold which he took while moving. Nearly 7,000 sneep have been shipped from Grass Lake to Texas and other southern and gouthwestern states during the past year. The ast shipment of 990 was made last week. Alma is to have an $ 18,000 hotel. The woolen milis are again In operation. Balph Jewel), of Adrián, is under arrest for aiding Navin to escape. He is out on $1,000 bail. J. S. Pierce, a well known farmer near Kalamazoo, whüe digging in a gravel pit was killed with two employés by the caving in of the bank. Northville omiles whan she thinks of the contemplaled glucose factory to be. Later. Detroitas say, she will turn up her nose. The Sophomores of Michigan University kidnaped the offlcers who had in charge the ancual treshman Bupper, and they were not released In time to enjoy the affalr. WlUIam Clark of Grand Hapide, the negro who killed the oíd man Henderson a few weeks ago has been sentenced to State frison for ten years. Sinlth, the burglar who broke into Gidiilng's store and stole a quantity of tobacco, has been sentenced to Ionia for two years. A meeting oí forty mili owners at Muskegon, considered a proposition of the mili hands to work eleven hours except Saturday, to quit at 5 and work ten hours that day only, and make no distinction between unión and nonnnion men. The terms were ratlfled and the milis are all running. John Anderson, who shot and killed Robert Grahain in tíladwin county, has been committed to the Midland jail to await trlal for murder. Josepk Avery and Oliver Avery, living near Kaiser Lake, were amusing themselves examiniag a rifle, when it went ofl. The ball went through Joseph's ankle fracturing the bone al: throogh Oliver's right leg. The Kalamazoo mail bag from the west was robbed titer being pteced in the baggage room last Saturday night, the thieves were tracked to Dewing's lumber yard and many parte of the letters recovered. At Hort Harón, immigrants were dlscovered BuHericg from sinallpox. The car was put on a side track and quarantined. Ths speeá premiums of the Central Michigan spring fair held thU week ia LansiDg aggregate $8,000; the largest purae f 500 is for the 2:17 class. Manistee has a salt well 2,020 f eet deep but the brine is 08 per cent. Balt. The wlfe of Prof. C. N. Jones of Michigan University died suddenly on Monday, aged 80 yoars. Decoration Day was very generally observed all ovor Michigan. Burglars have stolen the silver of the Congregational church service at GrRnd Baplds. Forest fires Lear Kast Tawas are alarming residents in that vicinity, who look anxiously for rain. Ryan, an intoxicated farmer, wi killed by a I ailroad train at Jackson. I An emigrant from Chicago wís discovered wandering about the streets of Flint, snffenng rom emall-pox. W. N. HadsoD, for Bouift editor oí the Detroit Posúnd Tribune, has resigned hls posttion on the Cleveland Leader and acceptedan editorial poBiüon onthe l-ittsburg Commercial tíazetto. The valuat on ol theiron mines loc&ted wittin the corporate limito cf the city ot lAP" i. put down at about $7,260,060. Mito amount the Lake Superior mine b credlted with f3,000,000;600,OOD more than any other ironmine in theworld. Not another wty ín the ÜHion of Ito size (8,000) can compare with lshpeming in point of natural wealth.


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