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Curiosities Of An Owl's Nest

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It is commonly known that owls have two or three sets of young in the course of a season ; but as far as I can make out, af ter sitting upon the ürst egg or pair of eggs, and hatching the birds, no f urther effort in incubation is made. Directly after the owlets are out of the shell, the hen-bird lays one or two more beautiful white eggs, but does not sit, devoting herself tu feeding the insatiable little monsters she has started into life, and the warmte of their bodies hatches the next owletfc. ïhis one hatched, another egg is laidi with the same result, that is vivified by th young ones' warmth, escapes from the shell, and once more an egg or twa occupy the nest, so that in the same corner in a shallow downy spot may be seen an owlet three parts grown, another half grown, another a few hours ol, andacoupleof eggs -four stages in all; and if inspected by day, the threo youngsters will be seen huddled together in Tery good fellowship, one and all fast asleep, and the eggs in the coldest placa outside. The sight is not pleasing, as inay be supposed trom the descnption of the young owls ; but if the eye is offended, what is to be said of the nose ? Take something in a bad state of putrefaction and arithmetically square it; the will be an approach to the foul odor of a nest of owl in hot weather. The reason is not far to scok, when it is borne in mind that the owl is a bird of prey; but all the sanie I have visited the nest earlierintheseason, and found the place quite scentless, and that, too., at a time when ranged in a semi-cixcle about the yoang were no less than 22 young rats and full-grown taice, sa fresh that they must have been caught during the preceding nlght, the larder being supplemented by a couple of young rabbits. If then a pair of owls provide of so raany specimens of mischievous vermin in a night, they certainly earn the title of friends of man. It may be argued, that, inhabiting a pigeon-cote, the youngsters were the offspring of two or three pairs, but as far as I can make out, a single pair occupy the cote froin year to year, the young birda seeking a home elsewhere, and I may say for eertain that the old birds do not come near their young and eggsby day, geuerally passing the time in some ivy-shaded tree while the sun is above the horizon, far away front the cote containing their babes. When.f ully lledged and nearly ready ta fty, ii the strong scent is risked and a vialt . paid, the birds start inta someüiing; approaching to wakefulness, and, hud dling up tögether, will stare and hiss at the intruder, ready to resist handliug with beak and claw - and a clutch trom a full-grown owl's set of olaws is no light matter; for nature has eadowed them with mo3t poweriul ni úseles and an adaptability for their use that is most striking. Wheii hunting for food, the owl glides along on silent wing beside some barn or stack, and woe betide the cowering mouse or ratling that is busy on the grain! As the owl passes over,. down goes one leg, and f our sharp clawa have snatched the little quadruped frota the ground, the four points seeming ta slope toward a common centre, so that escape is impossible, Jivery seizur is performed with, the elaws; the bcak being reserved for dividing the animal when too large, and not degraded into forining an instrument for seissure or carriage of prey. I have had owls calmly souted upon my liand, bijt for a very short time, and I caunot reeommend ladies to try them for pets; for the sooner they aro perched elsewliere the more pleasant it is for the skin, their claws being exquisitely sharp. - London Qraphic. The brewers and saloon-keepers oí Cincinnati have resolved to unite i employing legal talent to test the con8titutionality of the Pond bil], and an assessment of $5 has been ordered oa each saloon in Cincinnati.


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