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Tennyson's Home In Surrey

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borne twelvo yenrs ago Tonnyson built a house on the northeru slopo oí Blackdowi), a lordly hill tvvo miles to the north-east of our village, md just opposite Hindhead, these being tho two emiuences which guaní the valley east and west. The house is a large, imposing, stone structure, built in a free treatinont of domestic Oothic of tho Tudor period, the entrance being a large porch with five pointed arches. The lauréate can bo as solitary here as the most conflrinod anchorite, since his is t'.ie only residence on the hill. A carriage road winds up JSlackdown 011 the western side as far as to come near the house for the poet 's pleasure. Very rnany distiuguished men are slowly drawn up that hill, on flying visits to the lauerate- the Duke of Argyle and his Scotch gillie being on the ascent when we wero last that way. Tennyson naturally dislikes to find persons creeping around his grouuds, and plucking leaves from his plants as mementos, as they constautly do at Fre3hwater. Once, seeing a face peering at him while eating his dinner, the exasperated poet left the table, exclaiming that he could no longer take his meals in comfort without being watched. Rain has extinguished the E ast Tawas üres.


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