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"dear Pollie."

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Ilrtving liten absent froni town daring the winter, I callod soon after my return upon my old fricnd, Mts. II , wliom 1 had missed seciDg at my own home i few days before. While ana wering her frequent and interestcd in qulries, I was startled and embarrassed by a brust of derisivolaughtcr from the atljoiniug room - tlioroughly Ir i sh and as hearty as it was impudeut. I looked at my friend in surprise, but as she seemcd unconscious of my annoyance, I determined, after a moment's pause, tod is regard it, and went onwith the conversatiou. l'resently, however, 1 was again interrupted by rollicking laugbter, more contemptuous than before. It seemed to come from an Irish serviint who was exhaustibg herself with mirtb, quite out of breath she could ouly gasp, "Oh! dear! 1 shall die Burel Carrymeout! Oh! Oh!" Mrd. II , doubtless, saw the indignaut blood inounting to my temples, f or she exclaimed, "I think that wieked bird is deceiviüg you ! I had forgotten that you are yet unacquainted with him. He ia sucli un insolent logue I ain obliged to keep him out of hearing when I axn receiving calis; but now yon must come hito the sitting-rcom and accept his apologies." ïlie moment we entered the room, the bad parrot, from his cage in the corner, cried out, in tones of Mie deepest contrition, "Fair lady, pardon my rudencss! Pardon, pardon, pardon, pardon!" "Do iorgive him," laaghed Ii3 tress, ''lor he wíU shiiek 'pardon' uniil y oa do." When I graciously accorded Llie pardon" he appeared overwbelmed with gratituda, and at once offered meapnanut. I-Ie was deligbted to see me eat it, and strutted round and round bis cage, scrcaming,"We wont go home till morniag, till daylight dolh appear;" and adding, "Oh, what, 01), wliat, Oh, what fun!" I feilt much dattered ly tho friendly turn our acuaiutance had taken, as I was told that lie was usually extremely diwespectful and uglj to visitors. The snyttiiug but ch arm Ing accomjlishment by whicb hehad introduced limself to my notice he had acquhcd icfore Airs. II purchased bim, md she íound it quite inipossible to nduco bim abandon it; the only thing she could do was to teach bim to ask pardon. "Daar Pollie," as lie sometiiDes calis lutnseiï, is a superbly beauüful creature - very large, his featheis tiuted with the most dazzlihg colora; aod in hi3 taal are plumes of brilliant red of wliich he is exceedingly proud. His gift of speech is simplv marvelous. Win Q his mistress enters the brea'ifast room in tho uiorning, he salu'c her with, "Good morning, dear. IL o yon slept kist night;" and then look out of the window, informa her of', suite of weather, never making a rns.ake, saying, "Oh, dear! how it rainsl" r 'Oh, myl see the sun shine!" or ouuithing eist; appropriate to the day. At meáis be sits on a high cliair by he sido of Mis. H , and is very legant in his manners, wiping liia bill ncesaantly on a napkin, and screaming, Oh, pardon! what a rude boy!" every tlier minute. Af ter grace, he saya au mphatic "amen!" and n3ver touches lis food until all have been seivcil. ïesides his seeds, which are always laced in his ca ge, he eats at the tab Ie arious kinds of fiuit, crackers and bread, and cmiiks great quantities oí coffee. "VVith olher naughty liabits, Pollie haa ít pásalos for teasing, forinstance. Mis. Ií ii teaching hirn a familiar hymn ; ho cau sing it alrnosl perfeclly I now. but will never repeat it vvhen sho 1 asks hita to, immedlately brusting, with a fumiy awagger and a deflant toss of the head, into a song f; om "Finafore." it i8 only when he is in the mood for it, generally about bed time, tliat he wlll recite liia hymn, and tlien lie does it witli giavity and empluisis. It is very f unny to hear him addresa Mm. H . He ahvays calis her "General," aud as she is far from rnartial in her bearing, boing very meek aud uuassnraing, the name produces a mostcomioal impression. "I love you, General," sai'l he, ín tender accents, as we stood before the cage: "1 love you, dear, with all my heart. Now, kiss me quick," and he extended his bill invitingly. "Gootl-by dear Pollie," said I, a3 i t ook rny leave. "Sball I come and see you again?" 'Come again ; come again," repeated Pollie, coidially. And T think I shall go, wouldn't you ? - Our Dumb Animáis.


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