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To Get Rid Of The Apple-worm

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little brown moth lays one egg at its blossom end; this Boon hatchcs; the worin enters the apple and lives upon its sub3tauce. In three weeks the worm makes its growth ; and, if the apple does uot drop, leaves the fruit, goes down the tree, ünds a erevice in the bark and niakes a cocoon. In teu or fifteen days another erop of moths issues, to restock the fruit with worms, which proceed la the same manner as before. The worms that come out of the fallen fruit, if the grourd is clear ot rubbish, go to the tree, crawl up the trunk and ünd a place to spin. This last brood do not leave their cocoons until the following spring. The remedy is simple and effective. Place around the trunk of the tree a strip of old carpet or ether coarse woolen f abric, about six inches wide, f asten it with a few tacks; the worm3 flnding it a convenient p!ace, will take shelter under it and spin. Every ten days these cloths are to be removed and the issecta ernshed. Whero there are many cloths M is expediantto run them through a clotheswringer and Uien replace. These traps shonld ba set about the middle of June and be continued until the last of August.


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